Tips for growing marijuana

An inquiry from a fellow grower:

I would like to yield about 250 grams a year and I have very little space and budget. I was thinking of using auto flowering seeds for faster growth and hopefully easier for me and if possible only one or two plants maximum at a time. I am in Italy and have direct sunlight only a few hours in the morning on a small balcony. I could also use a very small portion of a closet if I don’t need a plug/socket for the lights.
I really would like to do this as easy as possible. I think once I get started I will be fine I just need good advice to get me there.

Speaking from my own experience, you will need more light than mentioned to have much success. I started the autoflowering plants indoors on a windowsill and did not get the initial growth necessary in the beginning 3 weeks. I now have dwarfs that will be lucky to produce a few grams, even though they are outdoors with a full day of sun. You must investigate the autoflowering grow further before you take the step of buying the seeds. I wish I had, but when I was looking into it I didn’t find the information I really needed. It’s out there now. It would be great if this forum had a section on growing outdoor autoflowering strains.

It seems that to have the best success with these odd plants, you must really have them under good lighting for the first few weeks of their life. Warmth is also important and it is still getting in the low 40s (F) outdoors at night here, even though the days are in the 80s (F). I am without lights, so I am going to try and start another batch of seeds next week.

Maybe just a small, low growing indica would be a better choice. Good luck!

Well; 1st, I would like to say; if you are going to grow the way you described; You can forget about 250 grams. To yield 250 grams; You would need 2 large well grown plants. I do not thnk you will get that with auto-flower genetics.

IMO. Auto-Flower strains were created for Medical Marijuana patients, with little or no finances to grow; or space, Most I remember were building little grow boxes for their auto-flower plants.

With that said;
Tip 1 Download the Free Grow Bible here:; And Read it it.

  1. Make a grow plan or schedule and research your plan to see if it is viable.

  2. Use support here at the grow support forums, however; Do not get ahead of yourself, expecting support members to layout an entire grow in 1 post. Share your success, and post questions for any issues that may arise. Stay in the moment.
    Too many times new growers get really confused by attempting to plan on issues that have not developed. I have grown for years and had issues; Of course. In all that time; I never felt it was hard or complicated to grow. Why? Because; I planned it that way.

Hope this helps. Welcome to ILGM!

hope this helps.

One thing I forgot to mention. The post above from Sarafina. Head her advice; She is growing exactly like you plan to…so far. Read her posts Right here