WTF? What's going on here?

Everything going great until this morning. This little girl seems to be struggling a bit… I’ve been babying her along for the past five or six days now. She was transplanted into her final spot on the 24th of April. She definitely has grown in height about double since that time. However this morning she seems to be struggling and I’m not sure if this maybe damping off beginning? I have only been lightly spritzing around her with distilled water and making sure not to get any of the water on her (like I have for every other seed I’ve germinated). Any ideas what could be going on here? Too much humidity not enough water light issue? I’m struggling here because my other plant looks to be doing perfect and they’re in the same soil medium and tent?


@JohnnyWeedSeed. I’d put a dome over them for a couple weeks.
And only mist the domes.
Pretty big pot for a small plant. Most folks start in a jiffy cup and wait till the leaves reach the edges of the cup before transplanting.
Helps the roots get established.
Bigger pots are more prone to over watering if not careful. :wink::v:


I now start my seeds in a 15 gallon fabric pot. I always put the seeds in their forever home.

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Me too… Like I said everything looked great until this morning. I usually take my humidity dome off once I see a set of leaves forming. I continue to use the top of a 2 l soda bottle when I water…like a protective ring around the plant. The tents humidity was around 70% when I opened it up…which is usually a bit higher than I keep it. It quickly dropped back down to 54% when I opened it up (as shown in picture above).

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Here she is this morning…below is a pic from Monday

Here’s a shot of my large tent

Seedlings extract all of their moisture from the air through leaves until tap root is established. Keeping a dome over the sprout with as close to 100% RH is best until then. Spray the inside of dome twice per day, lights on 24/0 until established. Water with distilled or R/O only; no need to PH.

What soil are you in? Likely the one seed reacted to contents of soil so you’re seeing issues as a result. Remember; every plant is different.

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Here’s my own soil recipe…which I’ve grown all my plans in since the beginning. I’m not seeing any narrowing of the stem shaft at the base of the plant upon closer inspection. Also I’m not seeing any signs of fungus or mold (no white fuzz toward the base of the plant). I suppose I’m less inclined to think it is a damping off issue just by running down the list of things that are not present. I’ve never had much luck keeping my temperature and humidity as high as you’ve suggested. I decided to put the humidity down back on with the cap off the top. During the first week I rarely if ever water (only a light mist) until a full seven days of growth have passed.

Just looking at the seedling…are you noticing anything obvious that I may be overlooking?

Or am I just too paranoid man :sweat_smile::grimacing::joy: