Tip toeing through the garden (noob status)

A little over a week ago I germinated 3 seeds (ILGM GL, CW, and CD) in water and planted them in a 50/50 mixture of FFOF and Happy frog. After a little bit over 48 hrs they began to surface; GL and CD breaking ground first, with CW following suit the next day. Truth be told, I wasn’t ready for their emergence, the day snuck up on me and GL and CD exhibited a bit of stretch before I adjusted the fluorescent fixture and stopped them from reaching. I still have all of them in a humidity dome, burping it regularly, and keeping humidity around 57-65%. Watering only w/ distilled H2O and only watering if they begin to dry out. All in all everything looks good for the time being. CD had a seed husk caught around her head for the first day so her first true set of leaves are now finally settling in. I’m throwing around the idea of removing the dome and putting them under the big lamp (600-1000w MH) but I need some suggestions on scaling them to the larger light and probably will need to supplement humidity once they’re in the tent to stay. Any good humidifier suggestions? @Countryboyjvd1971 @timmyv324 @HornHead @peachfuzz @merlin44 @Momtomask

GL at 5days

CD at 5days

CW at 5days

So, this is the journal, feel free to tag anyone in that may have some input!


Only Thing I Can Say is be careful of Mold starting,I wrecked a few that way, I’d keep it out of Dome
But I’m new to this as you are

If you are burping your dome and just keeping them moist I’d keep the dome on I leave mine on for about a week. If you put them under your big light leave lots of room I would recommend leaving it under your seedling light for 1 to 2 weeks before introducing intense lights


You will want to keep the dome on them for at least a week or two keeping them inside of the dome sprayed as well as lightly missing the soil. I usually leave the dome on until I see about three nodes then I transplant about a week after that.


That’s essentially the plan I want to implement. I was only worried about transplanting and then switching to a more powerful lamp in close proximity time wise.

That’d be fine to do. They won’t over stress from that.

@Thelaughingwolf looks like you are off to a great start. During the first couple of weeks really high humidity is great for your seedlings.
As the others have said, leave them in the dome for a while yet.:+1:

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I use a 55watt 5500k cfl for the youngsters, then, when I’m ready to put them under my leds, I put the less a couple ft above the cfl for a few days, then remove the cfl completely, and let my leds take over. With the domes, I use bottoms if 2 liters. Just cut the 2lt so air can move through there. Hope that helps

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@HornHead @Countryboyjvd1971 @merlin44 @Tylan @Sirsmokes. Thank you all for the advice; I was also wondering. when I’m ready to transplant, should I do anything to prep the new soil the plant will be going into?

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You’re using a mix of FFOF and FFHF right? Just put the FFOF on the bottom of the pot first then the FFHF on top so you let the roots grow into it for their nutrients. Other than that the only thing I suggest is that you get the soil of the plants you are transplanting a little bit moist. This helps keep the roots bound to the soil better during transplant.

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You’re correct; I’m using FFOF and FFHF and that sounds like a good idea to put more nutrient rich soil on the bottom. I always thought around transplant you were supposed to allow it to dry out before moving? Or do you mean just a relatively low moisture content to the soil?

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Nope you want the soil damp before transplanting:


Why thank you sir. Gotta love the internet!

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Ok, finally an update. It’s been a crazy busy week for me and between everyday life and trying to dial in the tent, I’ve had barely any time to sit down.
A couple days ago I transplanted the girls into larger containers and sprinkled a little bit of mykos onto the rootball and transplant hole to show the roots a little love in this tough time. The soil is a 50/50 mix of FFOF/FFHP. After transplanting I watered all the girls until runoff and let them bask under the 600w MH about 36” below the lamp.
My friend and I built a 5gal swamp cooler to help drop the temps a bit and introduce some humidity into the tent. Only using a 4” fan, a small water pump, a moisture pad, and hole saw; we managed to get the swamp cooler to kick out about 70%RH and 60 Temp in its environment. Which translated to 70/55RH at the top of the plants inside the tent. I’ve been watering with PH6.1 distilled water and have been keeping an eye out for any irregularities in the plants. I haven’t fed them any bites yet, but will be looking to start them off slow at 1/4 the dosage of the fox farms schedule. All in all, they’re looking pretty good I think.
Here’s some pics at 21 days since seed-

The 3 girls

CD at 21 days since seed

GL at 21 days since seed

CW at 21 days since seed

As usual guys, any input or advice is welcome!
Keep your thumbs green ladies and gents!


They look nice and healthy to me, but I’m wondering why you have your water pH so low going in?

Again, they look good…

The last time I tested runoff I was getting 6.6 from readings. I figured 6.1 would lower it a bit but not too much. Any suggestions?

6.6 is pretty ideal, but I was just curious. :grinning:


Ok guys. Here’s the girls at approx 30 days since seed. I’m watering with PH 6.4 water and have just fimmed the GL and CW about 4 days ago. The CD was a little behind the others initially and wasn’t fimmed when the other two were. I’m struggling with humidity at the moment (hovering between 35-50 with lights on) and 45-60 when lights are out.
CW has continued to droop ever since her fimm job, but I’m pretty sure it’s only because of the fimm stress.

CW approx 1month from seed

GL approx month from seed

CD approx 1 month from seed

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Sirsmokes @HornHead @Tylan @merlin44 @garrigan62 @MattyBear
What do you guys think?


Looking hood and healthy

I agree! Nothing but happy, green plants :+1: