Wrinkled wavy leafs with tiny tip burn

• What strain, Granddaddy purple auto from ILGM, 8 days old

• Method: 15% coco, 10% perlite, 15% worm cadtings 60% true livings outdoors all purpose potting soil

• Vessels: 7 gallon fabric pots

• PH of Water, 6.2-6.7. Slurry test with distilled water shows a - 0.1 ph difference

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable, ? Not sure, my slurry tests numbers were ppm 538, ec 1144

• Indoor 4x4 tent

• Light system, three of hyperlite groplanner 150w

• Temps; 76.1 average

• Humidity; 62.7 average

• Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch inline venting out, 2 vivosun aerowave e6 oscillating fans, 2 regular tent clip on fans

• no ac, use humidifier and dehumidifier trying to get enviroment stable

• Co2, No


So my leafs started getting wavy/wrinkle and one plant has a small tip burn it looks like. No idea what im doing, first time growing. Small amounts of water 2 or 3 times now i’d say, going off what others have recommened. Ive had a bit of issue stabilizing my tent, ive had the temps and humidity fluctuate here and there. Was thinking humidity issue or even just because i bought cheap soil that looked good to me :smile: rookie move im sure heres some more info on enviroment flucuations and what little info i have of the soil

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P.s. before planting i mixed in 1/3 recommened dose of gaia green organics power bloom 2-8-4, and jobes organics granular 4-4-4. So about 6 tbsp each into the 7 gal pot. I ordered purple cow indicanjan just incase my soil is crap… sorry about extra posts on this, dont know how to edit posts lol

The wonky leaves sometimes just happen on seedlings thy usually grow out of it the burnt tip is a sign that the soil is a little hot that also can give you wonky leaves all and all your plants look good keep doing what your doing. Trying to achieve a prefect VPN will drive you nuts do the best you can it will work out and welcome to the community


Dave has it covered. I see that on almost every seedling I grow.
If you get more of those edges curling upwards you might back the light off 6 inches or so. That’s usually heat related.


In the summer its pointless unless you got the funds to chase it.


Thanks everyone, she seems to be doing well. Pic 4 days later


This one is pretty droopy. I had been waiting to water untile 2 knuckles deep was dry. Then only gave about a cup of water or so. Thought it might be underwatering so watered again 2 days later, after a day it perked up for a few hours then dropped back down. My lights run 20/4 droopy the whole time. Ph down to 6.5 everytime, did raise my lights to about 3ft above canopy to get them to stretch abit cause they short fatties. Shes still growing well, but is the runt now and isnt keeping pace with the others. Did my first runoff test 7.4 ph, 960 ppm, 1970 ec. The one doing the best was at ph 6.9, 741 ppm, 1576 ec. Heres pics from today and 4 days prior

This is the one doing the best, for contrast

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You want your ph between 6.3 and 6.5 during veg. High 6s to 7s will cause you to lock out


I water at 6.5, runoff is at 7.4. So i should be watering around 5.6 to correct that higher runoff, is that correct?


That is correct.


Awesome, thanks for your help!


From what people have suggested ill just turn this into my grow journal so im not making different posts, that way all my info is innone place? My droopy plant hasnt perked up, and im assuming it wont until my soil dries enough to water again dropping my ph from 6.5 to around 5.5, to bring down my 7.2 runoff, did notice the lower leafs turned more yellow than green so guessing ph has locked out some nutes, as shown in the first pic (the plant behind “droopy” just had its first water to runoff so im assuming thats why its drooping now, but could also be suffering similar issue since his run off ph was a tad high at 6.9). Also got a bit scared with some leaf discoloration and my largest plant but remembered the areas innquestion did slap against my precautionary sticky paper so im hoping thats what its from, ill post pics of that aswell just in case. :smile:

This is my first grow and im probably wrong on everything🤣. Feel free to school me, only way ill learn. Thanks in advance


Looked more yellow today so flushed today instead of tomorrow. Put 7 gallons through her and finally got ph down 6.7 and didnt want to run any more water through her so called it good enough

Looks like it perked up a bit after the flush

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Are you checking your ppm after your flush? You might need to feed since youve run so much through

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741 ppm, 1635 ec. Dropped a bit. Ill be keeping an eye on runoff from now on

Im actually just realising i wasnt planning on flushing, just watering lower ph to runoff… damn overnight shifts kill my brain, also reading as many posts on here as i can might have confused me even more :smile:, well whats done is done