Wow! My first grow! And its in a greenhouse!

Thanks for the input @GetbackJoJo, I guess the best way to know is to try!

Hi @bob31. The plants are nine weeks from sprout tomorrow, plus a day or two for some. The first pistils showed up while I was away, maybe while the plants were about 4-5 weeks from sprout. Wow, how were those pics taken? I have a loupe, but it isn’t good enough to get a look like that. I took a pic through the loupe, which helps if I zoom in, but I can’t really tell… I looks pretty good on my phone screen, but too pixel-y on my computer screen. They are cute little structures, aren’t they?


those pics were taken with a microscope at like 600x magnification. I didn’t take those. Stole em from somewhere! hahaha

I use this to check my trichomes. Not crazy about the base… Trying to find a tripod or something…


Cool! I’ll put that on my Christmas list!

hahaha there they go. There are all different kinds on Amazon. I bought that one but there are others. Here is a sample pic of AK47 Auto

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That is amazing!

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All those shiny trichomes are where all the action is! @bythesea :grinning::palm_tree::v::+1:

Just got back late last night from eclipse viewing up in Oregon. This morning I went to the greenhouse to check on the girls. Wow, they are getting so close. As far as I can tell, the thrichomes are all milky now. This pic is the best I can do right now;

I expected more of the pistils to be brown? Maybe I should’ve stopped watering a week earlier? They last got water just over a week ago. Weather-wise, we’re having much cooler than normal August weather. It’s more like June, with mid-70s daytime highs, and long lingering marine layer in the morning. I’m not sure its going to burn off at all today.

In the interests of experimental learning, last week I pinched off one of the lower buds on one plant and started it drying. Today I did another. I have until Saturday to decide whether or not to harvest, and then I leave town for one more week. I’ll probably harvest, as it seems like a little early is better than late. And, I getting pretty excited about having my own homegrown supply. :rofl:


those pistils are still pretty white. How long in flower and which strain? @bythesea

Also try to peek around the sugar leaves and look at the trichomes on the buds.

These are BBA, and they started showing pistils almost 6 weeks ago. Is showing pistils the same as ‘in flower’? I’ll see if I can’t get a better look at the trichomes on the buds.

@bythesea I am growing BBA as well. @bythesea As long as the pistils were white, then yes. The pre-flower pistils are a little greenish. many go straight to white pistils.

Mine started showing pistils on July 6th which is 49 days in flower or right at 7 weeks. We are in a photo finish! Mine are looking more like a couple of weeks


I know our grows started out within days of each other. So it makes sense that they’re getting close to the finish line at the same. Mine may have shown pistils earlier in July, but I was gone for 2 weeks, so I didn’t see anything until the middle of the month. Plus, being a newbie, I could’ve missed them entirely.

I took another look, as best I could, at the trichomes on the buds. While I couldn’t really get a pic that is any better, I did get my face (sniff, sniff :grinning:) right up close to eyeball those trichomes. I’d say what i saw was clear to milky, no sign of amber. One other option, besides harvesting early or late, would be to have my husband send my daily pictures, and I’ll tell him when to harvest. Its only 3 plants. Or split the harvest, and take the farthest along plant in a few days, and the other 2 when I get back home.

yeah those are all great options. Harvest is really cut it down and hang it up to dry. I bought one of those flip up magnifiers that straps around my head and it has like three lenses. I can see the trichomes awesome with that, but I like the scope for pics.

My BBA’s are sitting out in the back yard catching some rays! LOL :sunglasses:

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Thanks @CooperinKredible. Besides the BBA girls, I have a GL that was started at the same time. She just started showing pistils about a week ago, and is getting down to flowering business now. She is gigantic compared to the BBAs.

In the lower left corner is one of the BBAs started at the same time. Mind you, its in a smaller pot, but that is quite a difference. I thought a delayed transplant might have affected the growth of the BBAs, so I started another BBA and transplanted it exactly 2 weeks after sprouting. Its growing great, but doesn’t look like it’ll get any bigger than the first 3. I’m going to fiddle with growing some more BBAs in the greenhouse during the winter, see what happens.

@bob31, bet your BBA girls are enjoying that sunshine! Thanks for all the advice! :+1::v:


Wow, we are both growing BBA and GL! Great minds… and all that LOL.

I also have a Gorilla Glue as well. So I’ve got all the Indica’s covered. Going to grow Sativas next. You?

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hahahaha… Great minds indeed! Well, when I bought the BBAs here on ILGM, there was a special, so I got a bunch. Plenty to keep messing around during the winter, and maybe even into spring. I have a couple GL seeds left, I’ll start those in the Feb or March. I’m curious to see how big they’ll go given more time. After that, I’m not sure. I figure I’ll do some more research over the winter to figure out what’s next, and make any adjustments to my setup. Plus, by then I’ll have had opportunity to sample the fruits of my labors. :yum:

Edit to add: And its time for me to start learning about trimming and fimming and cloning and all that sort of thing too!


Quite a “Hobby” isn’t it. Fimming and Super Cropping are two of my favorites for keeping the Photos short so they can grow in the tent use a SCROG (ha ha you missed that one) LOL @bythesea

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Its fantastic to grow our own.

Your weed looks excellent. I wish you had more pictures but I am really happy for you. Don’t rush the cut though its generally about eight weeks for mine to harvest. But that is an average. Harvest is totally at your discretion as is the cleaning and trimming.
Be ready to let it cure for a couple months. Hard to do I know, just understand that weed flavor needs this time to mature. It i’ll still be a stonable product after a week or so. It will just be harsh. When I hear you talk about growing your own. I reflect back and try to convey how I think I screwed up and what I have changed after many grows.
I like the paper bag method for a quick cure. I recommend putting a modest amount maybe 1/2 an ounce in a paper bag for your enjoyment. It will smoke in about a week I use the jar/glass method for a true cure. after hanging and drying.for a month or so.

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Thank you @jeffro. :smile:

Nice looking plants. That GL looks huge next to the BBA… I just sprouted 1 GL,1 WW, 1 BBA & 1 LRA. I hope I can do as good as your doing… I excited to see the size of the GL :sunglasses:

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