Would you reccomend topping or not topping?

Was thinking of semi or half ass mainlining this autoflower. I mainlined a feminized seed last grow to some success, does anyone with more experience think its worth it? Im at the point where i gotta make a decision by sunday or saturday i think

Thanks for any help


All I can say is don’t do it if your tent stays below 70F like mine did on my last grow when I topped them.

It stunted them.

Good luck and I will listen here too to what other more experienced growers say .


Thanks thats very good to know. How do you know it was the temp?

My tent, especially in the tops out at about 67-73 depends on my apartments heat/ac. In the winter, even with the heat though, never above 70 because of wheew the tent is in the house.

Normally I’d just go for it, but the autoflower seems to be coming along good. Havent even given it any nutes yet but im using fox farms soil. Im probably not even gonna give it any, ot doesnt look like it needs it and might just get burned

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Just thinking, last year when i started growing the autoflowers developed could be bs… or i could just flat out be incorrect, but I thought they developed to grow in colder climates/shorter growing seasons… granted that doesnt eliminate 70 degrees being conducive to a good grow environment to them of even say a critical nature.

It still just gives me pause on that it was the temperature that screwed your plant up? I dont know shit about growing in all honesty so please dont take my curious skepticism as an insult, its just that I would think if the 70 degrees point was an issue, wouldnt that have stunted your plant prior to topping it or after anyways if perhaps some point of the growth cycle required that temperature threshold for optimal growth?


Low temps can be a problem for young seedlings but once the roots have established and strong 70-80 degrees is optimum temps with an RH of 45-55%. I top all my autos. Indicas I grow to the 6th node and top at the 5th. Tall Sativas I top at the 4th :love_you_gesture:


I would fim ur plant do the top first and do some lst training aswell then when the branches grow abit more fim the branches and then redo the top i did it with my GSCA and it has over 18 main tops and it didnt get stunted growth but i may of been lucky what i do it again hell yah

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In my experience topping autos reduces yield in the end. They dont typically have enough time to recover.


I think the issue with yield is… People top entirely to late stunting growth. If you top 3rd node just out of seedling stage you won’t lose much growth. My theory behind it is… At this part of the plants life it’s on the slow growth track anyway , most growth happens after week 3 or so.
I’m just saying what has been tried and true for me.
The plant below was topped a few days prior to the pic.


Me, I would top above 3rd node. this will give 2 main stems on top with 4 branches below. Bend the top ones when big enough to let the lower ones catch up.



It was definitely the temperature because first time growing in the winter in the basement 20 degrees colder than any other season, the sprouted seeds from upstairs planted in the basement wouldn’t even cone to the surface in 10 days
Then once I added heat after they were up and out and barely growing, they took right off.

62F was a typical all the time temperature. Then the heat added took it to 75-80


At what stage did you HST these autos. I top every auto and get larger yields :love_you_gesture:

I’m on the fence about topping myself, I tried to FIM both of my current autos and both failed! It didn’t seem to bother the girls that much thank goodness so I just LSTed them, they both responded very well and have multiple tops.

I MIGHT try a full out topping next time but ehhhh…

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That makes perfect sense. Well explained!

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I’ll add that I didn’t add the heat until they were already into preflower

I like how everyone talks about cannibis as if it’s one freaking strain. Topping is STRAIN dependent. White Widow for example can and should be topped, others not so much. Fast growing strains in general can be topped and topping must be done correctly at the right time by a skilled professional. Just my two cents.


This is what I’ve read and why I have been hesitant. I’ll tell you I’m gonna let it go, then in 5 mins I’ll look at it and be like Tezza and see if I can get some multiple colas going.

But I’m really not going too, between your advice, and the couple of guys correctly pointing out the temp. It’s not worth the risk. It’s a decent enough plant as it is.

Thanks everyone for your input though, appreciate it as always. You guys have yet to led me wrong, for real. Which is really impressive, especially for the internet.

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Thanks man you’re definitely right

Plenty of growing stuff I’m ignorant of

Thanks again to everyone besides gorilla glue boy. That guy just came across as a condescending dick to everyone in here and didnt really add anything other than show maybe he knows a shit ton of growing…

Lol cool im sure that gets you laid all the time bro

@2GreenThumbs would you say it’s a taller faster growing strain that is a good candidate for topping? I have some strains that grow flat and shoot out sideways and some that grow tall with lot of space between bud sites.

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Really both, but the shorter one with less space between nodes will make more bud sites. I prefer to top any big bud type strains due to southern humidity.

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I dont top auto anymore myself. Not because cant be done but because I am lazy with them. I always believe topping and fimming a choice not a necessesity. My medical photo I fimm to death…lol. last girl filled a 3x3 wall to wall. 15 stakes holding up massive canopy. Here is a pic untopped straight up.