Would you chop this branch

This was planted 11/3 I was attempting some LST and this bottom branch broke (not completely )
I braced the branch and patched the brake with duct tape.
That was about a week ago.
As you can see the leaves are pretty wilted still.
Should I remove it or will it come back?
It does feel solid now and it is supporting itself now.
Thanks in advance


Can we get a closeup of the brake?

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It’s just below the tape right at the calyx.


Put some honey on it. It will aide in the fusion process.


Also use pipe thread tape or electrical tape instead of duct tape. It needs to be able to stretch with plant growth. Duct tape is reinforced and will not stretch.


Thanks GregT!


Nice never thought of that


Sorry man, my experience is once the leaves start to show wilt, they will never recover fully. I have broken many branches over the years, some almost severed, but gently holding them in their natural position saves it. I use anything I can to hold it in place, string, sticks, props, Over time it mends.

Thanks Greg! I put a little honey at the break, and it seems to be helping.
The flowers, and leaves on it are perking up and starting to look happy again!

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Glad it worked for you buddy!

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