Worm castings in living soil

I feel like my girls (at 5-6 weeks old) need a little extra help so I’ve decided to add worm castings along with Gaia 4-4-4.
Should I make a tea or just add to the top layer of soil?


I would just top. Are you 5 to 6 from soil or are youn2 to 6 weeks in veg ?

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Are your plants showing signs of a nitrogen deficiency? Worm castings are a source for nitrogen and the 4-4-4 has this :love_you_gesture:

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Worm castings will be a great, gentle and organic additive to living soil!

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They’re 5-7 weeks from sproated out of soil. Right on, thx

Just in that I’m used to seeing just a tiny bit of tip burn with my previous grows, I just switched soil and fertilizer from EarthDust/Promix to Gaia/Sohum. Same technique but since ED went outta business I’m starting over :pray:


Yea but I’ve been prone to lack of nutrient burn plus cal/mag deficiency. Just lookin for a mild boost in this case


Sucks that Earth Dust went out of business. I was looking forward to using their stuff. Unfortunately i wasnt able to jump on that train till it was too late. I found some stuff called Elm Dirt that i am trying out with this run of sunset sherbert. So far so good. Theyll get their first taste of Bloom Juice tomorrow evening before i leave for work for a few days.


There are no good plants without worm castings…lol…last time I swear. Disclaimer: the previous statement is misinformation.


Heres 1 week into flowering using elm dirt ( made with worm castings ) :joy::joy:and coast of maine soil.


Badabawow! Looks great!

Are you referring to that a$$ hat a few weeks ago that was telling everyone what to do on his first grow.? That guy was a hoot.


That would be the one. Every time I read ‘worm castings’ that’s what comes to mind.


That deserves 2 hearts :heart::heart:

Dont worry @ChittyChittyBangin worm castings are great. It was the way that guy had a natural ability to condescend and talk down to everyone trying to help him. The the whole thread. The worm castings was the final straw or punch line.


@noddykitty1 i was making jokes :joy::joy::joy::joy::thinking:


I’d just top dress with it. It’s good stuff.

Try Backyard bloom. Highway dust.

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Oh my! Just realized I only used 1Tbsp/plant instead of 1Tbsp/gal of soil of fertilizer per instructions on Gaia. Made the adjustments 4 days ago and BAM! Now I’m cooking with Crisco!
Though it probably was the extra worm castings I through in the day before :rofl::joy:


@Jerdan03 good stuff!