Worm Castings for beginners

I recently went into my hydroponic store and they gave me a gallon of worm castings and some soil and I was wondering if there is a certain amount of worm castings that I can put into my plants or if I need to water it down?
I currently have 4 clones all at about 2 weeks and Im not sure how much of the castings I should add?
I was also given a bag of fox farm potting soil but I originally potted my plants in Nectar from the god. I am curious if when I repot my plants into a bigger pot if this different soil can be a drastic change for my plants.

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@garrigan62 Will tell you you cant add to much worm castings. I added 7 lbs to 1 1/2 cuft of soil plants love it! Yours will too! or you can use a tea to water them in.
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YA you can add as much worm castings as you want. If they have Bat Gauno ( Mexican ) add some of that as well and as for test Amazon has bat tea and Micro tea a must havr
@Sasquatch said they love it and it won`t burn your plants

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Is tea good for plants

Can I just add worm castings to untreated potting soil and have healthy plants, or is something more needed to meet my plant’s needs? I’m putting my seeds directly in the soil and they will not be transplanted.

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Tea is great for marajuana worm poo is great also I love organic gardenning

Worm castings are always good! But they are not enough to sustain a plant beginning to end. If you want to use a super soil @garrigan62 can help you out with that. Other wise there’s fertilizers. But by all means add some worm castings to your soil.

@Sasquatch how much worm poo you put in small amounts through whole growing stage or?

Depends on the size of pot. You can always put a hand full or 2 in the bottom of the hole when you transplant. After that you can make a grew. But like I said… Your going to need more than just worm castings