Wondering if I have an issue?

Wondering if I have an issue ??? trying to stay ahead of the grow :grinning:

I have been reading and people say too much nutes and other say no you need more nutes, I don’t even know if i have an issue.
The really only noticeable thing is purple stems.
so my plants all seem okay to me other than a small amount of yellowing at he tips of leaves, which you can barely see. The leaves feel not dried out, but like a smooth dry piece of velvet? then the purple stems lol


Purple stems are normal and should be expected.

The best way to manage nutes is to measure runoff PPM and target ~1,000 PPM. It eliminates the possibility of conflicting advice as you know exactly what the nute levels are in your soil.


Appreciate it man ! That was pretty simple.


I just found this little hole in my stem. i knew there was “bruising” but not to this level.

Can i use super glue to patch it up?

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Just leave it be. She will be fine. Blemishes here-and-there are normal.


Doesnt look bad to me. Purple stems could mean something but i think it can also be normal depending on the strain.

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@MidwestGuy @TboneCapone Thanks again dudes!

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No problem! Im a hella noobie but if i can attempt to help out i am gonna try my best. :grin:

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The purple petioles is just sunburn. Quite common under led’s and nothing to worry about.

The yellow tip burn is also common. It’s what people call “painted nails.” It shows that your feeding is on point. You’re at touching on the max feed line.

A lil is perfect, and what you want to see. If you bump it a bit too much, they’ll burn and brown. That’s how you know to back your feeding off a lil bit. Just look at em like indicators.


Man that is awesome! that gives me a better scope for sure. i remember reading about that somewhere, i have honestly read so much its hard to remember hah.

That’s great info @Budbrother appreciate it man!

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I personally like the tips of the leaves yes it might be burn from nukes while mine are the same maybe a little bit more but as long as it stays there I’m good I know my my girl is getting fed. I have heard the same to much nukes so I worry about like to each his own

Hope this pic helps you some
Now I’m no expert but have a few grows on my side

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