Please help me!

Just recently started seeing browning spots on my plants leaves and it hasn’t been getting any better after a feeding now I’ve noticed the stem has started turning a purple ish like veins. (Grand daddy purp auto) water oh run off is about 6.1 no idea the ppm new to all of this. About half way through flower and I don’t want it to ruin my plant anymore. I have another auto gdp right next to it starting to show signs of the same problem

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How about a pic or 2 of the full plant. Leaves come and go as a plant matures.


Does this help any?

The plant has a little excess nitrogen but otherwise looks fine. Excess nitrogen leads to burned leaf tips and will eventually lead to dark, waxy leaves and the burned tips progress to burned leaf edges.

Suggest getting a PPM meter and maintaining a runoff PPM of 1,000. Not managing PPM is what typically leads to issues like this.

Plant looks good overall. Back off the nitrogen for a feeding or 2.


Will definitely do so thank you

If the pant is healthy, purple stems are nothing to worry about. Most likely genetic since you are growing a purple strain.

I did a quick google. There is a long list of possible environmental factors .

Transplant or root shock
Light or heat stress
Temperature fluctuations
Phosphorus deficiency
PH outside optimal range

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Just trying to confirm that this is nitrogen burn on this plant trying to correct it and have done a Flush and used fox farms sludge hammer to try and help. Got the ppm down to about 1,000. been using only water and fox farms nutes without nitrogen (once since flush) and in 1/4-1/3 the recommended dosage. I did have my lights pretty close (about 2 1/2 feet and at 100% intensity) raised up the light to about 3 1/2 feet as I notice some leaves in the shade haven’t been touched with these spots as much as the ones in direct light (2x 200w vivosun vs2000

Has me thinking it could be a phosphorus or potash problem