Withering top leaves

@Myfriendis410 any thoughts on this lady? She is losing color towards the top. 52 day old northern lights auto Ph out 5.9 ppm out 766. She just had calmag this am. She wasn’t hungry at last water but now appears as though she is. Only fading at the top. Started with light yellow spots that are growing in numbers. Could be fall fade?

Is that powder on it? If not that could be bugs, I’m talking about the white specks. Other than that I’m seeing a possible nitrogen burn but just lightly, so back off the nitrogen a little they slow then stop making leaves once in flower and require less nitrogen


Not a powder. Really don’t think bugs either. Maybe from misting them the other day? I usually just water the soil but decided to must them whilst they were asleep.

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Need more info.

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See details above and below

That sounds to me like a low number runoff for soil. If light intensity is correct and all other conditions are nominal (and they look to be) you may want to supplement at something like 1,000 ppm with something containing P and K to support flower production. Don’t forget to give the plant some N as well although plant doesn’t use as much in flower.


I’ll gas her with some tiger bloom.

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Hit it with a taste of ‘Grow Big’ and some Beastie Bloomz but go easy and keep TDS moderate–under 1,000 ppm.

I don’t have that product so I had to use the Foxfarm trio feeding recommendation. It had a healthy of dose of PK relative to N. I have a question though. How come you can use a product like 0-50-30 and not blow her out of the water? The Tiger bloom is 2-8-4.
Seems like crystal meth vs flinstone vitamins. Thanks again @Myfriendis410. I appreciate your support.

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It depends on how the plant sees it and at what amounts dissolved into solution. I would always give a jolt of Liquid Kool Bloom (GH high P,K) if I saw any tendency toward a P or K def. Too much will stall a plant in flower, not enough and plant can’t do it’s job properly.

Ok. Can I use water at 7.5 ph to help raise the ph? Im running a little low in my plants and the lime isn’t working yet.

@VigorTheCarpathian not sure if you have this… I used ff trio for two years and followed this schedule for the most part. The exceptions were that about week 11 or 12 I added a tsp of the grow big, I also added bembe my last two grows with ff it’s a fox product pretty much molasses and poop… it’s there on the schedule I just gave em half of what it says there not sure if it actually helped because I changed lights about the same time, I can tell you that it didn’t hurt em 4sure… good luck

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