Winterization process

Is winterization needed if you run a vacuum fractional distillation?


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@Covertgrower can probably help here.

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Winterization is needed if you extract with out dry ice. If you have a column, and use dry ice to keep everything cold, this is winterization incorporated into the process.
The extreme cold locks out chlorophyll from being absorbed, and wax and lipids.
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Thanks for your reply. I’m a real newbie here.
My plan was to use the RSO method for extraction and then use vacuum distillation to isolate the THC. Am I all wrong here?
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It can be done that way, but winterization would be an extra step in the process that’s not needed.
RSO is made with gentle heat and alcohol. Vacuum chamber won’t allow the alcohol to evaporate as well. Source turbo could be something worth looking into. A few members have them here. Alcohol is recovered and reused after the extraction process.

Thanks so much. I appreciate your response.

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