Making Rick Simpson OIl with ardent nova and carrier oil

From a fellow grower: when I make RSO using alcohol like Rick Simpson demonstrates to get the full potency or can the same potency be achieved using the ardent nova and MTC carrier oil. ?

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If I understand you want to decarb in the nova then use MCT to extract?

In my understanding this would not be as strong as the RSO method as you have no way to reduce the MCT oil down to a concentrate.

If I’m understanding your process.


Thanks very much for the information. Big help.


That would not be an extraction, but rather an infusion. It would be significantly less potent and not nearly as medicinal.


Thank you. Great help.

Do you know if it is any advantage to freeze the alcohol first when making the RSO ?

Yes! Absolutely. Even though for rso you want to get as much as possible out of the plant matter, starting with frozen material will improve extraction and preserve flavor.

Gosh, I am so glad I asked. Thank you. Will I freeze the bud as well ?

Yes. Freeze everything. :grinning:

Thank you , I will do that. I have found a tutorial on you tube ( BAO After Work) he freezers cannabis / alcohol. I notice he grinds the cannabis in the blender first. Do you recommend to do that ?

Well, to each their own, but I only grind if I’m making FECO/RSO, and then I only grind bud, not trim. All other extractions/infusions, I just rough cut the bud with scissors; I don’t cut/grind trim, ever.

I’ve learnt a lot , thank you.

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I made the oil using this method. Came out great except it was to potent, if that’s possible.

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Watched the tutorial, very informative, thank you.

:+1: you’re welcome

I tried the Following method which is mentioned

but its not working for me.