Should I cure my buds

I will not be smoking my buds. I will be vaping and making concentrates for my medication. Will I need to cure my buds for this type of dosing?

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Completely depends on your process u plan to use I’m pretty sure you can instantly freeze or (winterize) you canabis and do dry ice bubble hash right away as winterizing freezes tricomes and makes em easily come off and shaken through a desired micron filter size…you can also I know for sure heated press your fresh buds to make live resin which is really good very flavorful and uses 0 solvents very medicinally sound no impurities in your extracts


+1 for solvent free extract.


Co2 is a solvent but is the cleanest I’m not sure of the process but I think it’s cold blasted and reclaimed on big systems which is basically solvent less also it’s not like blow butane which is actually dissolving just the cannabinoids and getting little to 0 chlorophyll… I don’t mind the taste of full spectrum qwiso hash but if your looking for clean medicine it look into a heated press any type of RSO is solvent based which u never get it 100% out without lab equipment really or a high dollar extraction tool

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Live resin does not use heat pressing. Plant is frozen immediately after chopping and removing fan leaves. Than a solvent based extraction occurs. At least that how it was described to me.

Rosin autoncorrected to resin sorry about that… rosin heated press of bubble hash… if you cure the but u can make heated press picks as well but that’s defeating your trying to save time but bubble hash is a kinda wasteful process if you dont have mass quantity of bud if u got a few oz.i would be torn because it’s not 100 return …say u got. Ur weed tested its 20% thc (well use a round number) if you did 2 oz at 20% thc max u could get 11.2 grams of extract who ever u get it …and the say theres about 20 to 30 % loss minimal for the best of the best so it’s not the best idea if your limited

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I would love to set up a Co2 extraction with full recovery.

I’m thinking of buying a small unit then use as a prototype to build something a little bigger.

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I will be vaping dry buds and extracting via Everclear for my concentrates. Would it be better to cure the buds first or just dry them

For concentrate you will need to cure and decarb before you extract. Vape heats it to take care of that part but to get the best extraction you will want to dry then decarb in the oven

I suggest cure then wet buds won’t vape unless u got heat with pressure then ur basically smoking the live resin as it comes from the bud…if you cure ur bud ull have alot more options to do with it that’s for sure