THC levels DRY Bud & Green Bud for oil

I would like to know the difference between letting a plant dry then making OIL compared to freshly snipped buds.
The reason I ask is that I bought a chemical analizer for the THC progress leading up to harvest, I had a dried bud which I snipped a week ago, I inserted the sample and got a reading of 20% THC, then I cut a new fresh bud sample & ran a test on that, showed the exact same reading.
So the THC is there but what happens in the soaking in solvent process, dry/green??
Even the small buds that grow along the stem, same reading

Plants continue to process starches even after being cut this is why we slow dry and cure since drying reduces the amount of starches it leaves more terpins and resin behind, Green buds have all these starches un processed in them and I expect it would change the flavor of oil much like it does smoke?
Thc is mostly degraded by light so your levels should stay fairly constant solvents are meant to be cooked off leaving almost exclusively the thc and plant oils since green weed is still making more oils as it dries drying before making oil seems more practical.
I would also assume that the water content would reduce solvents effectiveness too water displaces oils and many resins would be left behind.

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Thanks good answer

Can I have your opinion on a theory that you freeze the bud & alcohol mix for 24 hrs prior to evaporation??

Lol that is a quite simple theory and it is that since Alcohol can hit temps below freezing and plant chlorophyll remains frozen the leaf structure and plant matter does not break down during process it is simply washed clean of oils without becoming a soupy mess. It also doesn’t require much more than a 3-5 minute soak to extract the oils

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I currently have enough trim dried and stored to make some oil myself but am going to try butane honey oil extraction since cooking off iso or everclear is too time consuming and attention drawing. I can process more faster it still being winter here I don’t want to cook off alcohol all day indoors when I can go under my deck and turn on a fan and be done in an hour but mainly it depends on quantity you plan to make BHO is super clean if done right. RSO is too don’t get me wrong but can take hours of boiling off monitoring temps and when in a suburban area can draw lots of attention :wink: not ideal for me

Sorry Don,
I have just found out that he means freeze both separately

Yes and the next step after freezing both separately is to mix then put back in freezer for 3-5 min then strain off :wink: I thought you were talking about after you added alcohol lol

I was talking about prior mixing but was wrong. So is it the preferred option to freeze then mix? What does this process achieve?

think this may help

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honey oil is a cold start process but either method works and one is far simpler RSO is most commonly seen old fashion oil

Just out of interest, I have had the lights off for 9 hrs soil drying.
Cut bud sample, put it through the chem analyzer & the THC has gone up to 24% from 20%

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