Will such water be good? PH 8

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I would have the water tested to see what minerals it has and lacks most local municipalities can direct you to a testing facility also some test for free depending on location
Using that water You’d need to lower the ph when watering for sure so you h down will be needed
But you might be good when you feeding and mixing up nutrients with it since they tend to drop the ph in your water
You want to maintain 6.3-6.8 in soil for best results


I am not able to provide this water to the facility to check the water quality I live in the countryside. this is water from the river.

I will mix water with this

So I have to water this water?

You need to download the free grow bible from this sight… :wink:
There’s alot of info here already , please research… :wink:


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You will still need to drop the pH to below 6.8 when the nutrients are mixed in. I use creek water that’s about 7.5 for my outside plants and I use pH down to keep the water in range.


Hello Galaktus,

The Devil Is In The Details!

You ask such a simple question, but including your picture with it, you’ve opened up a real can of worms—but it’s a GOOD can of worms because now after hearing all of our answers to your question you’ll have a clear knowledge of what kind of water to use for growing great weed whether its Sativa or Indica.

My short-cut answer to your question: ONLY USE PURE CLEAN WATER with a pH range (depending on the strain) between 5.5 and 6.5 to grow!

If the river in the picture you’ve included with your question is a picture of your water source, BEWARE! Any “natural” river water running through a city, town, or even a small country village, is probably CONTAMINATED and is no longer pure natural water. On the other hand, if that river water is the source of your town water, your town will have made it suitable for drinking with a GOVERNMENT-CERTIFIED “Water Plant”. I’m really picky about my water. And don’t trust the government! All of my grows are situated near a PURE water source which I have tested to verify. In the little experimental grow Op in my basement I use town water which supposed to be safe for drinking, but I run it through a Reverse Osmosis machine which completely removes all sewage, water plant “purification” chemicals like chlorine and fluoride etc., farming pesticide and chemical fertilizer run-off and animal waste residues out-> for a PPM of ZERO (0).

Once you know your water is clean enough (government certified) to drink then all you have to worry about is adjusting your pH. Your pH of 8 is too high, alkaline and will stunt your plant growth. I recommend buying and installing a RO machine to the main water line into your house for all your drinking and plant water first. But as long as you know the water you’re planning to water your plants with is safe for you to drink too, its ready for pH adjustment. Always test the pH of your plant water solution after you’ve added the specified amount of nutrients your plants need. Then adjust your pH to bring it into the optimum range of 5.5 to 6.5 with pH -UP or pH DOWN. You will likely need pH-DOWN and a pH Test Kit.

Even in your water there’s a lot of little but very IMPORTANT DETAILS to consider. The Devil is always in the details! A lot of people hate trimming their Buds by hand so they get an auto-trimmer. They don’t even check to see if their machine can trim wet or dry Buds! Many machines can do both so this is why a lot of people don’t check first. I have a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer automated DRY trimming machine and I love it so much I recommend it to everyone because its fast, never breaks down, never needs maintenance cleaning and trims your Buds like a “Hand-trimmed Job” and even leaves 99% of the crystals on your Buds. My friends all got one, but one Dude didn’t read the instructions first, went hog-wild to try it out for the first time and threw in a wet load of Buds to his new TTT.


So everything you do for your plants, always check the DETAILS in any instructions first before introducing anything new to your growing/harvesting system—and all growing systems start with good WATER.