Will Hermme Autoflowers produce seeds?

I have heard that in some cases letting an Autoflower continue to grow after it should have been harvested will cause the plant to Herm. If it Herms will it then produce seeds? Will seeds pop or is she just shooting blanks. Thanks Jimmyclyde


Welcome to ILGM forum ,Not to sure about the theory about herming, but it wouldn’t matter if it did. If a plant gets hit with pollen that late into flower it wouldn’t have time to produce seeds.


They may not have time to mature but premature seeds will certainly mess u your smoke. I see some cut the light hrs back at the end of week 8 to 11 hrs daylight 13 hrs dark to try and prevent this, the jury’s still out on it and I doubt it works at all. I have yet to see any auto that doesn’t eventually herm. I pull them the minute I see the nanners as two weeks later u got premature seeds that catch on fire whilst smoking a joint

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A herm seed will most likely be a Hermie plant and just produce lots of seeds with the bud. I have read with auto flowers that u can let them grow and harvest the plant and leave enough on the plant to get it to reveg and the revegged plant will now become a photo type of plant not auto. Have never tried it but I read quite a bit about it. Take a cutting from an auto and root it and it should now be a photo type of plant not auto. How it work I haven’t the faintest idea but I guess it works. Been reading u buy auto seeds and u r actually getting 2 type of plants for the price of 1 but is it true I really cannot say but i am wanting to try this theory out on one of the autos I have in flower now. I’m gonna harvest it when ready and leave enough green on it to get it to reveg and see what happens from there. If u happen to take cuts and try please tag me so I can see results as I am so interested to know if this is all true or false

You may get some seeds depending on the point at which it makes pollen. They would sprout and grow. If you are wondering because you want to produce your own seeds, you’d be better off using colloidal silver and forcing a stem to be male flowered