Buds have seeds in them

What to do? I have 2 plants from bag seed. Both flowered but found one loaded with seeds. Now what? Keep feeding and harvest it or toss is?

Thats up to you. It can still smoke just got germinated. It either hermied or you had a male

They will probably both have seeds if they grew together and u have a fan going.

What causes it to hermie

Could be genetics or you had a stresser. Light leak. High temp. Ect

Yes i have a fan going, this is my second grow. One plant looks strong and the othrr doesn’t and is full of seeds.

Yea pollen can blow around so if it did it can pollinate the other plant as well. Have u checked the other one all over?

First grow I had 3 seeds from ilgm and when dried I found 2 or 3 seeds out of 14 ounces. Would you say they hermied as well?

Not necessarily. Thats not a lot of seeds for 14oz. Feminized seeds can produce some seeds when grown. Not a lot but some.


Did this seed come from that?

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If a seed comes from a hermie it has a good chance to hermie


I didn’t do a clean up after first grow, would feminized seeds produce pollen?

No these seeds I found in a bag of bud.

The seeds dont produce the pollen. But what ever fertilized the flower did so ot could have been in the room. Always clean between grows. Regardless if you have any seeds when harvested or not

Is there a way to get them to stop producing seeds at this point or too late?

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Its too late…as far as i know. It you see Any male parts before they release pollen you can cut them off but then u gotta keep watching thr whole grow for more. Everyday

U can still get good smoke. Ive been toasted off of bud with seeds before. But id remove all seeds and make edibles for most of it

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They both have seeds, the better plant just has them on the small buds that grew back in places that i cut when mainlining

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Probably a genetic herm, likely the reason the seeds were in your bag of buds in the first place. If seeds are created by hermaphrodite they are likely to carry that trait.

This sounds more like an example of stress induced hermaphrodite. Could still be sign of weak genetic profile.

If they have seeds pollen came from somewhere. If not a male, then had pollen sack somewhere. But 2-3 seeds out of 14 ounces is hardly a problem. This could have been from a single nanner developed from extending grow a little too long. Growing with feminized seeds I would consider this a victory.


With it being a bag seed most likely the plant the seed came from was a hermied plant. Will still smoke but not taste as good as it should due to seeds being present.

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