Wildwood WilIys' Fat Bottomed Girl's

Tending to the girls, rocking ol’skool, it’s steady been raining hard since yesterday now I got this stuck in my head…


Purplematic CBD 13 days in flower. Shes starting to stack a lil quicker and looking a bit darker this week.
543-891 PPFD, what a difference a couple inches further from light makes.
2.4 EC / 6.7 pH In - 2.0 EC / 7.4 pH out

Today 23 March

15 March

The sprouts at 6 days up

ILGM Wedding Cake Auto
Hopefully she’ll get her footing situated soon, it’s been my limited experience that the runts grow to be giants, we’ll see :blush:

Royal Bluematic

A rare moment when tents are where I want them :blush:

Hubbabubbahaze total after drying is 267 g, not too bad for a 2’ tall plant.


Looking good @WilIy :eyes:


Thank you! :blush:
Its been a bit challenging with this one, just 8 more weeks or so. Shes an auto flower that didn’t… sprouted 9 Dec :joy:


Purplematic CBD 113 days up, 21 in flower.
She’s starting to bulk up and is getting orangish stigma’s. I increased light intensity to 962 PPFD @ 12/12, 73-79° / 45-55% rh. I’m feeding 2 gal base every 2 days 1.5 EC/6.8 in & 1.5 qt’s 2.2 EC/7.7 pH out then 1 qt w/supplements in between as needed.

Wedding Cake Auto & Royal Bluematic are doing well. They got their first npk nutes today at 2 weeks old. WC is slow but steady growing…a lil bit, hopefully she’ll get serious soon, she’s smaller at 2 weeks than her 2 day old cousins :pensive:

OG Kush, Special Kush #1, and Royal Domina sprouted after 4 days on 28 March, Royal Cheese didn’t make it through the fishing expedition. After 6 days I went digging and jacked her up so I dropped another, oops :grimacing:

They’re getting 300-400 PPFD 24/0, I’ll reduce photoperiod by end of next week.


Looking fantastic over there :call_me_hand:t3: nice scrog work :heart_eyes:


Thanks :blush:
It was a reluctant scrog I put up to shape and support all them damn crazy a$$ thin branches lol
I’ve never seen a plant structure like hers…it’s as if every growth tip was topped


Well you pulled it off nicely! Happy for you :grin:


:point_up::point_up: what he said!!! Amazing work Growmie :facepunch::sunglasses::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Thanks, I appreciate y’all’s kind words :blush:
I’m hoping to get a color other that brown spotted yellow out of this one lol
@Low @DoneDeal


L :eyes: k who decided to join the grow party :partying_face:, good thing the lil stinker popped up as I was fixing to cut the Cheese from the line up


Purplematic CBD 120 days up, 28 in flower.
She’s bout half done and too scrawny to hold her buds up, guess I’m gonna have to double net her. She has a pleasant aroma, it reminds me of some black hash I’ve had. She’s getting 2.25 gal 1.4 EC/6.8 pH in and putting 0.5 gal 2.6 EC/7.9 pH out. I’ll start lowering temps and light intensity this week.

Wedding Cake & Bluematic at 21 days old. Both moved into their new pots with fresh ACI coco mixed with perlite, azomite, mycos & 🐛 💩. WC is 3" tall so I was surprised to see roots coming out the bottom her nursery bag, Hope she grows a lot more before flowering. Her sister looks like shes about to get her bloom on.

The Kush sisters and cousin Domina, 9 days up…kicking a$$ and takin name’s. They got their first npk nutes today @ 0.8 EC / 6.3 pH
Cheese sprouted 3 days ago , she’s doing as expected…

Tent shot


Purplematic CBD 128 days up, 36 in flower. The 2nd net isn’t helping much. Her stigma darkened a lot and her buds fattened some this week. I’m excited to see a little bit of purple starting to show.

She’s getting 2 gal 1.0 EC/6.0 pH in and 0.3 gal 2.1 EC/7.9 pH out. I’ve lowered light intensity to average 700 PPFD and changed day/night temp targets to 76/60 , Rh staying near 55%.

I’ll lower light intensity again at weeks end.

ILGM Wedding Cake & Royal Bluematic at 29 days old.

WC decided to get it in gear and doubled her size this week. Bluematic got her meristem cut to encourage lower node growth, she’s still working on leveling out and threatening to flower.

Royal Bluematic

ILGM Wedding Cake Auto

The Kush sisters & Domina, 17 days up…starting to make the others jealous. Well except for Cheese who’s 11 days old and still trying to figure out which way the light is.

OG Kush

Special Kush #1

Royal Domina

Royal Cheese

I’ve been using spring or distilled water the last 2 weeks. I haven’t noticed any difference so far other than easier control of pH going in. I’m considering mixing my well water with distilled to cut costs a little and put some free minerals back in.

Oh yea, I bubbled trim from Manbearalienpig & Maui Waui and I made me a temple ball, ok it’s more like a kiosk marble :laughing: but it looks and smells ok, It’s been in a vacuum sealed jar for 3 weeks, the plan is to test it next weekend :blush: