Wide spread yellowing during early flowering

I started this discussion in this thread:

(note this thread has my original pics in it)![20180814_102358|374x500]

And after a suggestion to start a new thread so it would be specific to my situation I am doing that. Please add your thoughts to this as you see fit.

So this is my first plant, it’s been growing outdoors, started from a seedling purchased at a dispensary. It was planted in a 12 inch container and I used Bushdoctor Root Drench in the growth phase. I prolly over pruned it and likely did it incorrectly but it grew well. About 2 to 2.5 weeks ago it started flowering pretty well then I started see A LOT of yellowing leaves, primarily single fan leaves (it spouted a ton of these right before flowering) but also some multi-leaf fans too.

Being a newbie I thought it needed more Nitrogen to “green up” but then also tested Ph and it was 7.0.

See the pic with the yellow leaves to see how widespread it was.

I got some advice here, then today went to a local grow shop and got some advice after showing them my pictures. The advice was get the Ph down to like 6ish and start feeding it for flowering, also “lollipop” it to get some room around the bottom to avoid mildew. Also, transplant it cuz my 12 inch pot it too small. I was really concerned about shocking it but the grow biz guy said it might be rough for a couple of days but it will be okay.

Okay, bought some stuff (see pic of Ph down and Pureblend Pro), I cut out ALL the yellow/browning leaves I could see and trimmed the bottom a bit and transplanted into a 5 gallon bucket.

See the new pic with no yellow, trimmed out in the orange bucket. It looks much better but I am going to watch closely for a couple of days to see if any shock is setting in. I also tested my water with nutes mixed in and the Ph was right around 6. I soaked it good since it is all new soil around the root ball (it was pretty root bound in that small container).

This is the yellowing and when I started trying to address it:

This is after trimming and transplanting:

This is the stuff recommended by the grow biz:

Anybody have any other advice?

I use the same nutrients, are you mixing it to the amount it says on the bottle? And what are you ph it to ?

Sorry just read the last part of your post , I would cut the amount the bottle says to add in half to start . And bring your ph up to around 6.5 to 6.8 .

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Update on this thread…

Been using flowering nutes previously mentioned for the last 3 weeks after transplanting and using new potting soil. Adjusted my water+nutes to a PH of about 6ish (to the best I can tell) prior to watering and did no soil testing or any other scientific testing.

The amount of yellowing dropped off considerably but then I noticed, in the last week and a half, fan leaves (mostly single fan leaves) getting brown spots and starting to die off. I read up and it seems like as the flowering pushes through towards maturity, some fan leaves are just not gonna cut it anymore and will die off cuz the plant can’t make sue of them anymore. I am seeing some 3 leave fans exhibit this now. I keep trimming them off once they are mostly dead.

So for the last week I look for and cut off dying fan leaves. Did a good watering at max nute mix (per the bottle instructions) about a week ago. Soil is dry today and I wanted to get some opinions on my pistols and trichomes from anyone willing to throw me some.

This picture is a close up and magnified one of the trichomes. To me they are still almost 100% clear, good stalks and tips:

Here are a couple of the flowers and the pistols are still majority white, with a few amber/red whispy ones. To me it looks like I am still 3 weeks or more away from harvest:

My plan at this point unless someone tells me I am an idiot is to go one more feeding but reduced nutes per the instructions (about 1/2 of amount used during the main flowering period). That should get me about 1.5 weeks more growth before doing a pure water flush for a week and then cutting off all watering for the last week or two prior to harvest (I read that the flush is critical and so is the cutoff so the plant will draw all remaining food from the soil prior to cutting it down for harvest). If I can still read a calendar that puts me roughly at a 1st week of October harvest unless the plant tells me I should start earlier by the pistols/trichomes. Do I have that order correct (last feed, flush, then dry)?

Here is a pic of the overall plant (remember that this is my first try ever so, it’s not as robust as I am sure the next couple will be next season)

So, any thoughts on where I am at and my plans?

Next season I will have all of the knowledge gained from this effort and be able to use it up front, controlling Ph, using proper soil and early nutes, better containers, etc.

Thanks to anyone that replies!