Yellow leaves after flowering nutes

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for your help. Heres my issue. After switching to flowering nutes (fox farms 2-8-4 tiger bloom) my purple caddilac plant started developing yellow leaves. I weaned it off of the 6-2-2 fert. for a week as it showed signs of flowering. Most of the yellow leaves are fan leaves.

Checked pH (6.4), moisture (midange) combined nutes (normal, midrange). They are about 2 weeks into the flowering stage.

My other plant (sherbet) looks great, and is right next to the cadillac plant. No evidence of bugs, except ladybugs occasionally. I live in San Jose, ca.

Can anyone help? I have done all the tests I can think of. See pic.

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Is it the whole plant or just a few leaves low and inside the canopy?
The leaves will die off when they no longer can covert sun light to sugars and that’s normal if it is lower part of the plant since they will be the oldest leaves


Plus the old beat up fan leaves start to fail about now too.

Your plant is going to start consuming itself during flower. This is what you want and properly done; all of the larger primary leaves will yellow and drop. Other deficiencies will show later. You want your leaves to wither and drop. Within reason lol.


Also make sure that your not overwatering…
Plant will start to yellow from the bottom up fairly quickly… :wink:



@tmkspy, i’d say you weaned it off of the 6-2-2 too early. I use foxfarm nutes and slowly wean it off of grow big which is 6-4-4 during the first 5 wks of flower. especially during the first few weeks into flower it still needs nitrogen, just more phosphorous. if the leaves are yellowing pretty quick and falling off one at a time you have a problem. if it slowly yellows or browns over couple days and falls off and just one then i would not worry. don’t stop your 6-2-2 until week 6. use your 6-2-2 in addition to the tiger bloom. ( i pretty much go by their soil feeding schedule…) hope this helps

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They are kind of randomly placed, around midway in the canopy. Noticed today that one is burned on the end, like the beginning of nute burn, but in the opposite order…the leaf is brown BEFORE the tip is burned.

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To All,

Thanks so much to everyone for the information. There are about 12 or 15 of these leaves, out of about 100 total. The other leaves are dark green and look great. I am hoping that this normal progression, but will take the advice to keep using the veg nutes as well as the flowering nutes for another week or so to keep the nitrogen levels up. I am just hoping that this brown stuff is not a warning of early death for my plant. My
thirid grow and never saw this before.

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Well said @Myfriendis410


Looks like more of a deficiency than the normal yellowing off.

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Nope, there are just a 1/2 a handful of yellow there. It would be way worse if there was a ph lock or a deficiency. I see what you mean by looking at the leaves, but you have to take the overall plant condition as well as new growth into account.


I’ve just never encountered leaf mottling like that when they naturally die off

They usually just go yellow like this.


@tmkspy…do you have lots of drain holes in the white bucket?

might also consider drilling lots of holes in the sides for ventilation.

I do, and thanks for your help. 20 holes in the sides.

Chiming in to get help with the maybe the same issue. I’m a total newbie, this is my first plant. It’s Chocolate Hashberry. I used Bushdoctor root drench (0.8-0.1-0.03) during growth. It’s been flowering for a couple of weeks now and prior to flowering launched a TON of single leaf fan leaves. It’s likely I didn’t trim/top it correctly (remember - 1st try) during growth. It’s got lots of bud sites but lot’s of yellowing and burned leaves. All my reading seemed to indicate low nutes and I have add some iron to help with greening up. Ph is 7.0 although I have never done a Ph test and not 100% confident in that result but should be close I think.

Is this just a normal part of flowering transtiion? ?I see new, green multi leaf fans around the bud sites. Pics are included. Can someone steer a newbie in the right direction?

Quick added note: I used the Bushdoctor because of the Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potassium ratios. I couldn’t find anything at my local nursery with the same ratios but bigger numbers.

@Drew1964 New to growing myself but it looks like you grow outside as I do. Are any of the trees in your yard looking the same? I have similar leaves. I’d treating mine with peroxide 3% mixed with water in a spray bottle. 1\3 peroxide to 2\3 water in a 32oz bottle. In the search bar type in leaf septoria. Good luck. Let me know how you do. I’ve ordered some fungicide also but hope peroxide will work. I’m 1 week into flower. P.S. I sprayed the whole bottle on 7 plants.

I do grow outside. I have a small patio at my apartment. There are no yellowing plants or trees nearby. Everything is looking healthy. I’m thinking I may have not followed the best nutrition plan and may have cut it back too much too early. Also, I think a larger container might be better, it could be a bit root bound but I don’t want to kill it by transplanting it. I look up leaf septoria. Appreciate the reply. Thanks!

I just mixed a batch of heavy feeding nutes (fox farms). Includes both Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom) I am keeping my fingers crossed. More phisphates in tiger bloom. Fed both my girls. Will let you know.

THanks tmkspy. Are those wet or dry products? I am going to look up foxfarms and see if I can find them in my local area. And what is your mix ratio?

@Drew1964, humm that root drench is used in addition to the foxfarm trio. basically helps roots grow quicker and stronger, i use it but according to their feeding schedule.

the products up top in the green area is the trio: Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. Those are the main Feeding nutrients. others are used in addition to help boost your plant, i use the trio and with great success but don’t use their recommended doses either. that you will have to learn as you go, too many factors to go by, plant size, age, stage it’s in, etc. your plant is needing the tiger bloom mainly but grow big too. look at schedule for what week your in and you’ll see.

you should start your own thread and others can give u their input too on feeding, foxfarm, what have u…