Why redeyes?does everyone get them?

There are logical and medical reasons why people get red-eyes from cannabis, there are also some funny myths but what puzzles me is why does it seem to affect some people more than others, I’m sure tolerance can be built but even so, I think for most it is unavoidable at times, I’m researching about this for a writing gig, what makes your eyes the reddest? if I mix alcohol and cannabis I’m screwed

Why does weed make your eyes red?

Weed alone gives my eyes a more glazed look. I can be stoned stupid but ull only notice by that glossy faraway daze im in. Now… add a couple beers and BOOM! I look like ive been diving in the pool all day


Yup I’m like that when it comes to booze, especially down here south where we casually have hard liquor sometimes when we smoke, pfff I get bloodshot in a shot😂 being at the pool while high also does the trick! That’s when eydrops come in handy although they lower mi high a bit, does that happen to you?

I used to get red eye after smoking years ago…even used clear eyes drops.

Haven’t used that in 25 plus years and I don’t really bother to check them anymore so I’m not sure if they are or not…must have been the paraquat they used to try and kill it back then…hell I don’t know…lol

Next time I’ll look in the mirror and report my findings.
I’ll use Cannabis and not drink but usually when I drink I also smoke too.


Ive never been an eyedrop guy. Even in school… i was the overachieving jock/nerd who never studied and was always high as :giraffe: :cat:… and my eyes showed it! :joy::joy:

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Dosing myself with about 350 mg of thc edibles does it for me with smoking and vaping that is. I dont drink so.


Well at least you had grades to support your studying allibi :grin: mine was “allergies”
but i have never actually suffered from them as heavily as everyone thought while I was growing up :joy:

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Nice! that dose it’s sure to turn anyone’s eyes crimson, yes edibles light me up big time too

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Honestly I take about 200mg easy with a small buzz but 350 does the trick. The gluten free penut butter cookies I made are about 150 each I eat 2.

Now that you mention it when I was young yeah my eyes looked like they were going to bleed but I stopped smoking for about 10 years and when I started back up only on the rare occasion do I get red eyes but they do get very squinty . Thats not really the right word they almost close and get puffy . But I grow my own so it is basically as close to free as you can get and I smoke sooo much more now that it isnt 80 bucks a quarter . I used to hear people say oh I go through 2 or 3 ounces a month and used to think BS you qould be asleep all the time but now a half oz a week is just average and that takes a jump when my back gets bad and the cramps set in on my leg. But still not the red eyes of my youth . Now you got me wondering if it was something larger commercial growers were using back when