Why no smell in flowwr

Im growing in coco an pearllite photo fortune cookie humbolt seed in a closest /pantry useing flora trio from gh ph my tap water every time i just swicthed to a medic sun2 she loves it btw but no smell should i be worried :hushed:

This is kinda what ive been giing by for feeding


Some just don’t smell like others. Some take longer to start smelling.


Still early. It will come.


There’s quite a few of us here that run into that issue. Well… Not an issue for stealth, and so, like @Caligurl said, some gentics are choice for low fumes.
But when you’re just not picking up that dankness when you bust open the tent zipper to a plant that is supposed to be super duper rank… Its time to question a few things.
High Heat ! Lacking Soil biomes like carbohydrates! Low humidity + accompanied by direct fan, or too high a fan setting.
Terpines give the aromas, and are directly affected by the above issues. Been there, done that.
Your plant is just starting flower… perhaps the intensity will ramp up as it bulks… Aim for optimal growing parameters for the stage the plant is in, and adjust accordingly.
I’ve recently started adding fishsh!t to my feedings in flower, and it’s stanking about 10 feet BEFORE I get the tent.
Good luck on your grow


Looking good , little early in Flowering stage to have much smell. Good luck :v:


@Storm @CLICKYBONES @kellydans @Caligurl thank you all ive just been using the general trio i ordeted me some koolbloom from general not sure sure how to apply this but ill figure it out hopefully


Be patient with her, as your buds grow they’ll produce more aroma.


Does she look ok is there anything more i can do for her to help

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How much light are you giving her? She looks healthy, just maybe could have been bushier with a stronger light possibly.


So is it not stinking when you open tent or not stinking at all when you put your nose up on it? Either way I agree with everyone else that’s it’s still a bit early . I wouldn’t be to concerned at the moment . Perhaps after some more weeks if it’s not starting to smell I would then start to worry and take heed to what clickybones was saying .

I know I just wrapped up my first grow . ( Turned out very impressive ) but I was expecting more early to. It didn’t really start till the buds started stacking and fatting up a bit more than where you are now. Then my made of honor side of the tent was super frosty and had a nice pine/peppermint like groove to it and I lost allot of it towards the end. Thinking it may have been to do a little with the heat plus I was laying off the foxfarm deadrients after getting a little nute burn . But yeah wouldnt stress it yet. :+1:

@Fieldofdreams in the beginning i had a cheep Amazon light then one more lol noq i have a medic gro mini sun2 it seems much better then the 60 doller Amazon deal orcrather non deal lol

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Light matters. :wink:

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You have/HAD COVID?
Running a filter regardless.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE i did have covid lol but im over it really not to bad least for me. How about you? Are you feeling well. I sure hope so

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I am not seeing a deficiency, but the terpenes are all formed from the sulphur. Generally speaking in all cannabis. It would not hurt at all to add some epsoms salt. Not for the magnesium, but for the sulfide. Epsoms salt is MgSO4. Don’t go crazy, just add a tablespoon to a gallon of water when you water once a week.


Thrilled to be allive, daily.
All else, debatable and requires too much typing.
Grow supporting my mental health and keife smoking for supporting my smiles.
Keep the faith.
2 nose surgeries in 2020, my nose hate me. As those flowers develope, the smell will permeate.
Good growing to you. As NK1 says

I average 3 teaspoons per 5 gal bucket of mix water, for my soils


@noddykitty1 thank you im in coco so is salt a good idea as im new i have many ?'S

It won’t hurt in coco. Just don’t go crazy.

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Ive read that a lil Epsoms helps with smell…also as ClickyBones stated…I too use fish!t It seems to be really good for the Trichs as well as smell… This year my strains put off a pretty good smell…(not overly skunky)…But then again I was in flower…Last season the strains I grew were stinkin up my outdoor garden… I did however have some smell before flower when I was close to them…I wouldn’t worry too much though,Also If youve had Covid there is a possibility that your sense of smell may have been affected? Good Luck!

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