Why if I ask for help

Is been two day I ask for help and admin delete cuz I post ask for help and the only help is what he want I need more info of the forum I think if they don’t read my fist o second post I have a chance to post for more help I buy my seed here

What do you need help with?

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Regardless of where you got your seeds from, all of us are willing to help.
What is the question?


You made multiple posts with the same subject. Not allowed is why it got deleted.
What is your question?

Hy I have two sour diesel auto in happy frog soil 5gl pot Fiber with 20/4 light in 2x2x4 tent and the temp is 75 f and humidity 55 and water ph 6.5 and on first week is look like this

d I need to know what happened if I can recovery or they re death

Thanks you

They just need more time in my opinion

Thanks so much

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It can test your patience waiting for them to grow. Just let them do their thing and I’m sure you’ll be fine

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Ok perfect

I have 5 going…first 3 I put right in 5 gal bag and they took forever to start doing anything, I was told it’s because all the work is being done where you cant see working on filling all that space with roots, last 2 I did in cups then transplanted and they seem to be moving along a little faster (I also added mykos to the soil for the last 2)

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I start just two in glass of water with h2o2 and that’s how they look in 6 day of germination I just add water now around but they take 5days to germinate in darkness good look with you girls