Much help needed

Hey guys waiting on my order of seeds still but I have tried using normal bag seed as a start it has been now 2 and a law weeks and here are the pics (hhope it uploads) I have a 400 watt mh bulb on them since sowing the seeds I’m worried about if the they are too big and I don’t have a fan however there is a constant breeze through my guest room and temp is 25°c with the light on also not sure if containers are big enoug oh and there are 22 growing of 22 sown.

I think this is way too much also.

Pleeeeeeease help

Oh and I had a accident with one of the plants that kinda broke but it started curling up and it’s still growing oh and a water everyday with a sprayer with water and a fertilizer mixture

Here are the pics of the fertilizer I’m using zoom in for the npk ratio

biggest plant is showing yellow on the tips of 2 leaves not sure what to do here with this please help anyone?

Those plants are too small for fertilizer. You will burn the leaves off…

I also see that you have several plants in each pot. You are going to have issues doing this, especially when ti comes time to sex them and you need to cull the Males.

Looks like fun. Let me know what you think.

I also invite you to download and read the Free Grow Bible offered on thisd site, by Robert Bergmann

Oh shoot :oops: I’m only using water now I ended up playing a bucket of water in there with the fan on it I saw this on here on ways to cool down the room and it worked but plants have grown alot over just one night do you think the bucket of water is doing this ??? It is dry in my grow room/closet.

And I really don’t want any males and extremely scared about if I am going to be able to tell in time as I have read the bible twice checked youtube and still my dumb ass is not sure what is what Ii might just upload the pics and then have you teach me what’s what

Thanks for the help latewood as I was going to water with fertilizer but I am stopping that until it is the right time :roll:

When you induce flower, you will check every day for 2 weeks or so. You will be able ti identify the difference between Male and Female flowers.

Yes. If the RH was extremely low, then the bucket of water brought hymidity into the room. It could have helped.

Hey guys I cleaned up today and found that the big pot has roots coming out at the bottom through the drainage hole this pot is big so I’m worried the plant might die should I get a even bigger pot?

Plants look a little wilted but that’s just cause I forgot to water last night plant is now looking better but really worried about the roots at the bottom.

Please help :frowning:

I need help in my first growing if u go to my profile u can see the pics I want to know if everything is okais I need advice

show more Pictures in a couple of days very hard to say how things are going based on a seed in germination would have to guess and say fair to moderate :slight_smile:

Now is looking like this

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Give it time things move fast that early relax

Speak in public my friend this way if I lead you wrong way others can advise as well without having to answer same questions over and over :wink: 18/6 is a good light schedule

Take Donald’s avice give them some time to evev grow. There isn’t any issues yet…oh just mis9t them once a day to keep soil moist not wet and what ever you do don’t feed them any nutrients. Here is a link to Robert Bergmans free book…The Grow Bible read it while your plants get started its very informative

Robert’s free Marijuana Grow Bible –


Well this how my lil plant look I been just waiting patiently nd nkw is like this I guess is growing fine I need a bigger container nd the right fertilize sorry for my English


Is that the bottom of your grow pot. Cause I do see any thing sorry


The lil white thing I will take a another pics this camara is such lol

It is a bit hard to see, but in one picture you can see a white root already at the bottom of the container.

Absolutely you can use a bigger container, and will want one if you want the plant to get to any decent size. Hopefully these are not autoflower seeds.