Why I hate jiffy peat pots

A friend recently gifted me some clones. They were rooted into jiffy peat pellets with the little net bags. Before he gave them to me, they had already been put into regular 4” peat pots. After first day they looked a little sickly. I figured the ride home, exposure to cold and new home under different lighting may have spooked them a bit. I gave them a few days to recover and they seemed worse. They were getting pale as well. Maybe time for a transplant and get some nutes in them. Upon dumping pot for transplant,when media was loosened, it all fell away from the original peat pellet revealing a root bound blob inside of the netting. Only a few tiny root emerged through and the netting was 100% intact. Are these net bags supposed to decompose? I would have liked to pull it off but those tiny roots stopped me. Suggestions or thoughts of what went wrong here anyone?.

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I never had much luck with them either.

The one time I used those I cut the net thingies off of them as soon as I saw a root through the bottom and transplanted to cups.


I use them all the time when cloning but as soon as I see some roots I cut off the net and transplant. That’s usually 2 to 3 weeks after I put the clone into the jiffy pot. Why did your friend transplant them with the netting on?


I germinate exclusively with peat pellets.

I use them in conjunction with a heat mat and humidity dome and tray.

I’ve always had excellent germination rates with them.

Once I see the first true set of leaves I then transplant into Solo cups.

The netting around the peat moss must be removed prior to transplanting.


@Greasemonkey pull the netting off and transplant them when you start seeing the roots sticking out. I’ve had high success with my clones this way. I always dome them until I start seeing roots.

@HJL No idea. I will ask. Maybe he, like I, assumed they bio-degrade. I still don’t have that answer; Does anyone know?. I have never seen packaging for those jiffy pellets, i had some without knowing what they were until I came on this forum.

I use them all the time with no problem. Sometimes I’ll slash the netting, sometimes not. The roots always push through fine. Somewhere I have s couple of pics of harvested plants showing the intact pellet with the roots all grown through. I’ll try to find them tomorrow.


“The netting around the peat moss must be removed prior to transplanting”

Doesn’t this result in all the peat falling away and exposing the roots?

Wish I had seen this post in my extensive research. I had carried out everything to a tee … except remove the plastic netting on the Jiffy Pot … apparently it is not bio-degradable … only photo degradable … real handy for something buried in the soil … not!
Anyway the upshot is that after my new kids germinated I put into bigger pots … with jiffy pots intact … assuming that it would either degrade or the roots would easily push thru … after 4 weeks they are only 2 inches high! (I was thinking of doing Bonsai!) Such a rookie mistake for a green thumb like me.
So I removed the netting lat night … lost a few roots … but looking forward to a vegetative explosion from here on in … after the kids have gotten over this unnecessary transplant
Always cut off the netting!

@cruz these are the pots I purchased for seedling I don’t see this netting everyone is talking about

Is this ok to use to transplant the instructions say to drop it in the soil when ready to veg

So that is my exact question…the netting they are talking about is on the pellets (commonly known as seeds starting pods) what you have are the peat pots usually (in the garden) you would put your seedlings in them to grow up before transplanting

Sorry for the delay but those pots I’m holding don’t have a netting and I don’t transplant anymore I go from germ to the big home

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