Why have a got little yellow flowers near buds?

Hay guys why would i have little yellow flowers near my buds? Im thinking there Male seed pods but will this mean all my buds will get seeds?
Thanks in advance

Cant help for sure without pics.

Sounds like sacs. Pictures would help.

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Those are nanners. Hermie male parts.
You can carefully remove them as they appear but you will have to inspect your plants closely every day to keep them at bay.
A few folks have had them and made it through to harvest with only a few seedy buds.
Usually they’re brought on by stress but genetics also can be the cause.
Good luck with their removal.

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Cheers!! How would of I stressed it??

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@Pittsy. Temps too high ? Ph off in soil ?
Over fed causing salts build up.
Too much light or too close.
Light leaks during lights off.
All or any one of them are stress causes.
If all of the above are in line then likely it’s due to genetics. :v:


How long before there ready to pick?

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@Pittsy. Do you mean the plants or nanners ?
Nanners as soon as you see them show their identifiable tips.
Plants look like they’ve got about 4-5 weeks give or take. :v:

Hay mate any thoughts on my plant? Why has it got yellow leaves down bottom and brown tips

@Pittsy. As a plant goes into flowering it’s needs change as far as nutrients goes.
Looks like a bit n hungry as it will take it from the lower older leaf portions first.
If the ph has drifted up or down in your pots it can cause a bit of a lock out too.
May want to check your runoff numbers first to get an idea of where that is before adding anything else to the mix.

Also if those lower leaves aren’t getting much or any light they will start to yellow a bit as well.

Ok thanks. It doesnt have run off its just in DWC bucket with air bubbles. Any idea on what i should do?

Still gotta check your ph and ppm of your solution to see where they are.
Can still be a ph swing.
Check the roots and see if they are browning or look off.
Should be white ish. :v:

Ph did drop last week To low 5 but got it back, ppm (EC) was High last week but also now good.

@Pittsy. That would make sense then.
Damaged leaves won’t recover and sometimes takes a few days to show up.
If your numbers are back in line then you should be ok