Why do people hate on miracle grow fertilizers?

Hello all,

I have been reading around the forums for a bit and I keep seeing people say how much they hate Miracle Grow Fertilizers.

Can anyone shed some light on why it is so bad for our Plants?

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It’s mostly the fertilized soil. It’s time release and tends to be too strong for cannabis. And since it’s time release it won’t flush out of the soil. That’s why most people use soil meant for cannabis or soil without any added food so we can control what the plants get.



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Miracle grow can be great for a lot of vegetables and flowers more of the indeterminate types that will flower and produce fruit while they are still growing. Most cannabis varieties, other than Ruderalis, are photoperiod plants. They grow to a certain size, then produce flowers. Miracle grow has time released nutrients that can be released at the wrong time. If your plants are in flower and the pellets that release the nutrients release too much nitrogen, then that will stunt the flower production of your plant. I’ve also heard that miracle grow soil can be too hot for cannabis in general.


@Growyourown covered this to a T.
This is why specifically @Baldie


That makes total since about the fertilized soil, pellets, and the amount of N.

In my garden I always start with top notch compost, I never buy that pre fertilized stuff. I have a local producer through Soilutions (best compost ever and 40 dollars a yard). Yum Soil.

I was referring to their water soluble line of fertilizer. In my garden I’ve tried many different brands and always go back to Miracle Grow as it just so idiot proof.

I’m abut 60 days in on an White Widow Auto flower grow and have been using their bloom buster fertilizers (15-30-15) for the 2nd month once a week and have been impressed by the results and it kind of made me a little sad about the shade towards MG (lol punny) and was having a hard time seeing why as my personal results seemed to be positive, but on the flip side I haven’t finished a single crop so I can’t really judge it by anything.




I’m out of likes but you’re doing great. There’s others here that use their nutrients. Nothing wrong with them as long as you don’t over feed. But that goes for all brands. There’s people here using Scott’s super bloom to. They’re all the same stuff just in different ratios. If it works then keep on doing it.


That has kind of been my general take on this first grow. I figured there is a reason why it is called weed…must be hard to kill. I can’t wait I think i’m only a few weeks tell harvest.


The liquid MG fertilizers will work. I’ve actually used it myself. But in my eyes, organics is the way to go. The liquid MG fertilizer will work, but it won’t give you the best quality flowers. It’ll leave something to be desired. If you want to use liquid fertilizers, I’d recommend going with a line that is more suited for cannabis. Like Fox farms, Advanced Nutrients, REMO etc.


thumb spot on answer Doob