Problems with miracle grow

I am just wondering what is the problem with using miracle grow

It is a ‘time release’ nutrient. Nothing personal against it (even though it seems as such) but with time released nutrients the nitrogen in your soil increases everytime you water it.

Problem is. What if your plant needs less nitrogen. Flushing is supposed to clean salts and excess nutes from ur soil. But with mg, a growers best chance for saving his crop only harms it more.


Thanks just wondering, because I grew 2 unknown strain plants last year having nothing but problems, pulled from the buckets and washed of the roots replanted into mg and they took off like gangbusters. This year growing white widow and just started out in MG and I add nutes as well and have never tested pH, just have on timed watering every day, about 1 gallon

Well best of luck man. Big vegging plants burn thru nitrogen like fire. But starting its usually waaaaaay to hot. Tag me when u start up

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My first grow was outdoors in mg soil. Plants grew really well with zero issue. Of course at harvest, unable to flush extra nutes, the resulting buds tasted absolutely horrible.

Yes you can use it. Yes it will grow plants. But after all that time the end result is not very good. Best to start out with better soil.


Thanks, I was thinking this might be the issue, last year I grew in MG and flooded the 5 gallon buckets with about 20 gallons of water each 3 times in the 2 weeks before harvest and then cut plants down before first light of the day. The taste is still good maybe just a little off, the high is wonderful, 2/3 puffs is all I need.

So thanks again I was getting worried because I am so new to this. Hopefully I can get good results this time as well


@PurpNGold74 is on the money. It makes the grow much more difficult when you have time release fertilizer in your soil when growing cannabis. You need to be able to control the amount of nutrients the plant gets. Even that takes a while to get right if you deviate from the recommended amounts like I do. I’ve had the luxury of being able to use 1 or 2 plants to experiment with, so my “learning curve” was faster than most. I use a mix of MG organic potting soil and Fox Farms Ocean Forest along with humic acid pellets, perlite, Azomite, and several other things @New_to_the_game and I have pretty good results.

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Fertilized planting soil/media is harder to control the nutes going to the Ladies.
Best to have ALL the nutes decided by you for each growing phase.