Why do I have new growth of stalks with single pedal leaves?

My flowering plant was beginning form nicely, but now I have new stems coming out of the tops. Those stems are growing single pedal leaves. Bud development appears to have stopped. This situation began with 3 weeks of flowering left. What’s going on?

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Your plant is going back into vegetative state. If you are on a 12/12 light schedule, you have a major light leak going on somewhere IMO

@JoeCurious check your timers my man your lights are coming back on when they’re not supposed to a light leak usually will just lead to your plants going hermi and making seeds …to me it sounds like your lights are actually coming back on all together not just a light leak so check your timers …



@peachfuzz you are completely right! Something fell against my timer and changed the settings. Because of the small grow space I hadn’t noticed the full extent of the unwanted growth. The weight of the new veg. growth broke one branch of red hair “nugs”. In a rage of “pisstivity” I clipped off all of the new growth and put the plant back into 12/12.
That may have been the wrong thing to do. Looking at the volume of clippings I can’t help but think how much bigger the buds would have been.

Invasion of the suckers. This was halfway through the clipping of all “suckers”

I wonder what it would have looked like if you would have left it …I know that it would have been monster cropped but at the same time you had some pretty fat nuggets going so it would have probably looked crazy weird and I’m sure you would have got a bigger yield …but we live and we learn , right…:relaxed:


By the way, can you tell me what these green beads developing on top of the soil are?

kinda looks like algae growing on pieces of perlite.

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It’s definitely algae on perlite, have to agree with bryan

Your soil is staying too wet for too long… :wink:


What effect will the algae have on the plant? Should I let the plant go without watering for an extended amount of time to remedy this issue?

I know that in hydro it can become a problem , but in soil I don’t think you have much to worry about as far as the algae , but if you continue to overwater your going to have a pH problem sooner or later…



ok, thanks i’m on it

Ok, this plant has been through a lot, but it is still hanging in there. It was probably a bad idea to cut back the new growth I got when it accidentally went back into vegetation. I am concerned that it won’t have much yield, so I’m choosing to use it for an experiment with stem splitting.

I’ve heard about good results from splitting the stem. I used a knife to slit the stem near the very bottom. I then inserted a wooden golf tee. We will see what happens in approximately 2 weeks.

Stem splitting is supposed to be done a few days to a week out from harvest

Yeah that’s what some say. Others say up to 2 weeks. The posts on stem splitting seems to be all over the place. If the terps look like the plant is ready in less than 2 weeks then I will harvest.

how far along is you plant?

Why don’t you back up a second and make sure you are doing the right thing…

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This plant was well into flowering on January 10th when I discovered that an accident with the light timer caused it to go back into vegetation. As for today, the trichromes are milky and have been for over a week. I’m waiting to seek some red in them. As I said earlier, if there is ever gonna be a time to experiment with stem splitting it is now.

You can see in the picture that it’s too late to back up.