Why did my plant die within 1 day?

Hi, I am a brand new grower and have had lots of problems so far! I purchased a kit from a pot for a pot and my white widow seeds from kings seeds. The first 3 seeds refused to take root after putting in soil. I contacted both companies. They each worked with me and sent new seeds and new rooting blocks. After 3 attempts I finally got a seed to root. I am growing this as a small house plant for my first try. I use sunlight and led light, I play classical music, I have a humidifier and I only use the purest of water. The first photo Mar. 18,2021, seed was put in soil on

Jan. 20, second photo is Mar. 20,2021.

What has caused this plant to die? It did get colder the night before and I first thought it got too cold, then I noticed the fabric pot was very wet. I only use a spray bottle. Thinking someone watered the plant through and through. So I got it out of the wet pot and put in a new dry soil pot. After that it has wilted down to almost nothing, the leaves are dry and the stems are spindly. This happened so fast!

I am new to growing marijuana, but I am not new to growing flowers, plants, bulbs, indoor or outdoor. Please help me so I can stop wasting my money on seeds.

When u transplanted to the new pot did u have a solid root ball to work with or was it all broken up. Looks like it might have had root damage and cause it to die. Try and get some fox farms ocean forrest soil. What kind of nutes r u gonna use. What light do u use for led. Do u ph the water u use could be alot.

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What was the PH of the water you were giving it?
What type of nutrients are you using?
Are you using the soil it came with?
How far is the LED from your plant and what type of LED are you using?

Unlike other seeds, bushes, flowers or bulbs, Cannabis requires specific conditions, soil type and atmosphere to grow. If just one of those environmental factor are off, kiss the plant good bye.

That second photo looks like it was microwaved.

I just transplanted today and it only had two long hardy roots. I am not using any nutrients because the kit I bought guarantees to grow your plant without any new stuff added. I use sunshine from my window and a LED grow light when it is cloudy outside. According to the kit all I need to do is spritz the plant several times a day until it begins to flower, then I am suppose to add water away from the plant until it drains through the pot. Let it dry completely and do again every 1-2 days. So far this kit has not worked well for me.

I know the second plant is pitiful! I have no idea what happened other than it sits in my window and it did get very cold outside that night 37 degrees. Plus I think someone drowned the plant with water. Ph stays between 6.0 and 6.5. Refer to other reply for specifics.

Unfortunately these are not house plants and will not produce as window sill plants. You could have the best soil in the world and it won’t matter if they don’t have the light to produce.

Don’t do this. Spray the soil, not the plant. If it’s a seedling, place a clear solo cup over it and spray the inside of the cup. The humidity produced by that will supply the water for the plant as it establishes roots.


I think part of what killed it was transplanting it into dry soil both mediums should be decently saturated otherwise the dryness of the new soil will just suck all the moisture from your old medium

I didn’t transplant it until it looked like the second photo. Sorry I meant to say I was spritzing the soil not the plant. I have one more seed that has just popped the soil. Maybe I have better luck on this one. I just can’t believe it is this hard to grow a natural plant from seed. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It’s easy to take for granted the plant part, but attempting to build out and sustain the environment they are natural too is the hard part. We are growing them in atmospheres
that are thousands of miles from their natural habitat. (Not always, but most of the time)

We germinate the seeds differently than what occurs in the wild.
We use soil that is completely foreign to what their roots are normally in.
We think the plant or the seeds are the problem, when in fact they would do perfectly
fine where the various forms of cannabis are found naturally.
Sadly, it boils down to one factor and one factor alone. US. Humans. The user. Operator error.

This isn’t a dig at your skills or your ability to grow out various plants or fruits. In fact,
you could be a world class orchid grower or an award winning Tulip breeder. The
simple truth is that unless we know how these plants like to grow and under what
conditions they thrive at, these seeds won’t grow a milligram of bud.

Focus exclusively on the environment first and the plant second. Take care and control
the growing area, mimic the growing atmosphere of cannabis first and foremost, and
your bud will grow like crazy. The grow tent and cannabis cultivating culture and market exists for a reason. There are certain goals you need to achieve in duplicating the environment in order to grow out a semi tropical and high elevation plant.


Yeah it was a bad transplant, it’s inevitable, if you never grown before , it’s gonna take a couple of failures to get it right

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That could be the problem. The glass in the window magnifies the suns rays. Thats probably why it looks microwaved.
I use a 100 watt equivalent (23w actual) cfl 2-6 inches above the plant for first 10-14 days. Before putting plant in direct sunlight you need to expose it slowly just a couple of hours. Preferably in the shade.

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Thank you so much for helping me understand why this is so challenging to me. I will continue to try until I get one right. I will read everything I can and continue to learn by others mistakes. You guys are the best!


ILGM has a complete grow guide that is really good. You said you are using APOT FOR POT? A few other tips. Don’t transplant until roots are growing out of that starter pellet. Not just 1 or 2. Also when doing that first transplant remove or at least cut that net that surrounds that pellet. It don’t always degrade like its suppose to. Read that guide a be sure you under stand how to sex and train your plant. Will come in handy since you are trying to hide from neighbors. Kind of hard to hide carrying a bunch 6 foot plants around outside. Go on youtube search for videos by Bill ward and a guy called rows of green. Another is beginners buds. Lots of good info


Also on YouTube check out a video guide by NVCMG. imo he does alot of things wrong but has pretty good results

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The glass from the window blocks out most of what the plant needs anyways. All the uv rays and all. Good luck hope u figure this out

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Hello @Geerie and welcome to an incredible community of not only experienced growers but also growers willing to help and share their knowledge and experiences.

I’m still a newbie, second grow. You have received incredible info above already. I will add that I’ve grown several plants with the P4P setup to varying degrees of success. All issues are self created. My current grow is going very well. After seed germination, placed in the seed starter. I did not wait for any development of the seedling since it is not a transplant. Just put the seed pod directly into the final pot size. I went with 2 gallon set up. Put a dome over the seed to keep humidity high. Once breaking soil, misted the inside of the dome since at that age there are no roots yet. Watering would result in possibly drowning the little ones. After a new set of leaves developed, used a plastic syringe to water about 10ml for the first couple of weeks. Water away from the seedling to encourage roots to grow outwards. It’s very easy to over water. Keep a log. As the seedling grows, continue watering in wider concentric circles about the circumference of the widest leaves.

As others mentioned, get the growing environment in order. I believe P4P is a bit misleading to state it will grow on a window sill. Learned here about the lighting needs of the plant and a window sillI will not be enough for the flowering stage.

As you said, read…read the grow guide, read some journals, and then read some more. I honestly felt that the first year on the forum was like being back in graduate school!!

Others will help when you post questions. I can share my experience. Everyone has different variables to deal with. However, just tag me and I’ll try to give any support I can; paying it forward!

All the best.

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Thank you so much. I do feel like I am back in college too. This is marijuana grow 101 for me. So, I have a new set up now. Not using a tent, but I am using an LED grow light, humidifier, ph humidity meter and a spray bottle. The other seedling did great with the spray bottle, I just sprayed in a circle about 1/4 inch away from seedling several times a day.

I am wondering when to water regularly in the pot? Do I water a little or a lot. Do I let the water go to the bottom of the pot or just do like a teaspoon around the seedling? This is what I am studying now. So far I have messed up 4 seeds, so I am praying I get this one to flower. My new seedling is 1 week old.

Why is it so tall before any cotelydon leaves come out? Should I put it further in the pot? Not planning to transplant. This is white widow autoflowering.

Any help is much appreciated.

A better angle of new seedling. I am using Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil.

Your first set of leaves are going now. The cotelydons are the smooth pair. I begin watering with the 10 ml syringe in a concentric circle about as far as the leaves are; never directly on the stem. Not much water is needed now. Watering till run off is not needed as there no roots developed yet. Watering little and away from the stem will encourage root growth outwards developing a stronger root system.

I would try to put some more soil to support the stem. The light you have will work fur now, but that will not get you the necessary light for flowering. Read some posts by dbrn32 - they are the go to lighting guru here.

Keep updating. :+1:t3:

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This is light I am using.
Grow Light,GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LEDs Dual Head Clip Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, 4/8/12H Timer & 5 Dimmable Levels

Wondering if this light plus outdoor sunshine would work? Someone gave me this light and I am trying to keep cost down. But if I must buy a new light I will. Also, is rainwater ok to use?