Why are my leaves standing up?

Hey guys so my 2 white widow autos are a little over a week old and the leaves have always looked like this

Now I woke up this morning and they are standing up towards the light like this

Can someone please help me ???


It means she is happy. Here is my current plant praying to the light.


Ok thank you. Damn I started to freak out. So I think if that is the case then I been watering too much. I usually give my 2 a whole water bottle full every other day and she was always looked like the first pic. But 2 days ago I took someone’s advice and only give them about a shot glass of water and once she got a drink and dried out she started looking like the second pic. So now I know how much to water thank you

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Yep, you’re on the right track. Overwatering is the biggest mistake I see new growers make.


Thank y’all. This whole community has helped me so much

Hahaha! Ya man! That’s a wonderful sight to see!!! Leaves reaching for the light is what you want all the time. Find that sweet spot to water, never let them drop and your plants will be loving you! Keep up the good work!!!

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This is cool. Watch the leaves go up and down.


I’m going to say this though…. Grow these and ditch the autoflowers…. If you care enough to be asking questions in here and spending the time… get some strong photoperiod genetics. You’ll be much more happy with the results. But again… keep them Leaves up and these will be happy ladies.

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Put my girls through a dark cycle today from 12-6 and they didn’t like it. Are droopy now again ???

Nothing to worry about she is happy