Why are my autos all flowering at different rates

Hello my plants are all flowering at a different rate they are all supposed to be northerlights x big bud auto but look extremely different. One looks like it’s just starting to flower while one is almost done they are all different size and the one that is slowest to flower is almost as tall as me. Help please

B/c they’re all from seed, so no 2 are going to be exactly alike. Anything can cause different grow patterns, from different phenotypes to different soil biomes, pot-to-pot. Or, a mistake in packing the seeds is always possible. :grinning:

The only plants that will be the same are clones.


Each Auto plant weather it’s the same strain or not have their own schedule, and you can’t change that period.
Just let them do their thing


lol even clones will vary by where they are taken off the mother!!

Auto’s are well known for being variable. Each new strain is a roll of the dice. Not uncommon for variations to appear especially if the auto’s have been stressed.
Mother Nature’s way of producing the variations that survive best.

Are you growing indoors?

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Herding cats!

Genetically, though, they are exactly like the mother. :grinning:

Yes I am I’m not sure why the one just keeps stretching there are small buds. I wonder if it takes longer the bigger the plant

They’re probably different phenotypes. Same strain, but each has taken different characteristics. This is absolutely normal with growing strains from seed.

Auto’s are well known for being variable. Same strain can show different pheno types.
Not much to do but grow it out…see what happens.

That seems to be the answer everyone is giving me. Also the two that are Sativa dominant are showing yellow leaves a bit early into flower. Does it hurt to give plants cal-mag. Also could being root bound cause this

are your plants in fabric pots? if u have fabric pots i wouldnt be concerned about root binding.

we would probably need a supprt ticker filled oit and pics to be able to help more

I will do this tonight the girls are in the dark right now. However I’m curious if this one is ready

Here is main cola is it ready from small eats plant

Oh and sorry no they are in a variety of plastics from bucket to a pot that my tomatoes came in lol

since you are recycling tomato pots…do they have good drainage?

The pics show very good healthy plants. Whether or not they are at peak and ready to harvest, depends on the trichomes. Search old questions and find most of the answers you seek.

Thank you everyone for your advice

@Shaungray7 Those a some beautiful buds. Strains and what type of lighting are you using? What do the trichomes look like?

Why thank you. They have gone pretty white I think so o took the top. I’m gonna leave the rest for a bit because it keeps pushing out new white hairs. I’m iseing quite a variety of lighting. I have an old Apollo led 400 w. A newer phillizon 1200 w and a cmh that is 315. I have been keeping it set at 230 I think it is because the room gets hot. My room that I’m using right now is about 5x10. They are all auto northerlight x big bud but two looked like Sativa dominant plants and the other are Indica dominant. The Indica ones are finishing up where as the Sativa are just starting to get signs of buds. Is pretty weird but I’m just gonna leave them for now although I’m afraid that there is something wrong with them.

Sorry bout the book I just wrote. I guess I could start a new thread with some pictures and such. Do you mind if I tag you to find out what you think I see that a few of you are well advised on the art of growing ganja