Whitefly deterrent-Neem not working

I am growing outdoor and my poor girls are being attacked by whitefly.
My lawn is FULL of them, so Neem oil does nothing. My understanding is that Neem oil kills them after they eat it-but there are too many of them for this method to be effective.

Is there a method that stops them getting on the plant? A deterrent? Or any other methods that will work? Bergman’s bug blaster is not available in Aust and I am scared of pesticides.

Has anyone had a similar situation they have remedied?

I would buy some good guy bugs they will help you keep the whiteflies and many other outdoor bugs in check. You can probably find them in your local nursery. Ladybugs, green lacewing, praying mantis, dragonflies, hummingbird feeders, and more I’m not thinking of or don’t know about. Most of these are pretty cheap and will help. Oh you can even buy little houses and plant different stuff to attract these guys to your yard. Amazon even sells them if you can’t get em local here’s a couple links to some I’ve bought.



Worm castings. Something about the chitinase in them.

I started too dressing our lime tree and saw a drastic decrease. Google the subject, you’ll find all kinds of info.