White Widow, White Queen. Perpetual medical. Learn with me

Hi, I’ve been growing for a little over a year now. I love reading so I read pretty much every book out there that I can get my hands on. I am not a professional nor do I claim to be a master grower. I do just really love growing marijuana. I know not everything I do is perfect but I try to make do with what I have. I’ve decided to make this journal because it’s a really exciting time for me and I did not want to be the only one who gets to experience it.

I have a full Perpetual Garden all the way from seeding or cloning through vegging into flowering. Plants at all different ages so bear with me.
I run to ebb and flow systems one for vegging one for flower. The P.H is almost always 5.6. I use the General Hydroponics Flora system.

On to the good part. The girls. About a year-and-a-half ago I ordered seeds online. I ordered a regular White Queen seeds. When they arrived found to my pleasant surprise I had free feminized White Widow seeds just a few. So after setting up my grow area I decided to plant. I started off with two white widows and 6 white Queens. Because I grow for medical use I am limited to my plants so I stuck around 8. As I said before I read books so I kind of had a good idea what I was doing. So after the maturity of the plants I found that I had two female Queens and for males. One of the Queen’s was a little mutated. It just was growing kind of deformed like lacking half the plant. So instead of throwing out all the males and the deformed female, I decided to replant them outside considering it was the right time of year if they all survived I might get some seeds out of the deal. The seasons came and gone and sure enough the little girl survived. She was very beautiful and filled with seeds. I cut her down and kept the thousands of seeds that I got from her and said hey why not let’s see what they can do.

So here we are now. I’ve kept the white widows alive through cloning keeping only the numbers I need. I decided to plant the deformed white Queen’s seeds. I planted to seeds to see if they would even germinate. They did and they grew quite fast and I notice something spectacular on both of them. On both plants at every node they would grow four branches. I thought it was weird and different so I decided to look it up and found out it was something called a polyploid. I’m not going to go over everything I’ve read because it’s just a genetic mutation that has multiple cells growing in the same plant. It’s kind of like to plants growing in one. Both of them trying to grow branches at every chance they get. It also translates into the bud it produces. Now that I’ve bored you with all this reading I will show you some pictures.


polyploid white queen.


number 2 polyploid queen. Smaller pot.

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The widows, 1 week from harvest.


Lol @VetBravo4 I saw pics of your ladies lol
Again welcome to ILGM brother looking good :blush:


Thanks, i hope to answer any questions and update 1ce a week.

girla are getting close and th vegging are about to step into flower Uploading…

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Yummy yummy yummy :yum:

2 larger girls at week 4 flower

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polyploid white queen clones. rooting nicely.
vegging white widow 1 week till flip.

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5 days left.


awesome intro story, now you make me want one of your seeds just to grow and have a story behind it, along with great bud. I am growing for the first time ever and I’m already hooked on it.


Super tasty looking brother bravo :clap: :+1:

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So far it’s the most fun I’ve had in years, lol I wish I could grow more just because The LOVE Of The GROW. Lol

Wow @VetBravo4 they look delicious!,! Great job

Looking frosty. Welcome to ILGM :nerd_face: