White widow questions

From a fellow grower:

My White Widow (fem) seeds should be arriving within 2 weeks. This is my first experience growing marijuana but I have done small-scale hydroponics in an Aerogarden several times, as well as outdoor soil container gardening. I would like to grow these indoors hydroponically. I do have a hydroponic gardening center just a few miles from home, so supplies and equipment will not be a problem (other than cost, of course.)

How tall and wide do the Whitte Widow plants get, so I can plan my grow space? Should I be looking at gallon containers, or 5 gallon? And how close together should the plants be spaced? I know I need to provide sufficient grow light for each plant, but I’m not sure if I can crowd the plants so most light reaches the top of the plant, or if I need to allow space between the, to get light along the sides of the plant as well.

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for soil 5 gallon containers will work great - yu are growing a “hybrid” which will get about 3 feet - there are many varaibles

For hydro, I would recommend the 5 gallon buckets. One gallons are way too small, but some people use the 3.5 gallon buckets. I personally use 5 gallon buckets for my DWC bucket set ups. As far as spacing, I think you’ll learn how much room your plants need once they get a couple weeks into veg. It all depends on your plant strain, and if you’re using any pruning techniques.

about 3 feet tall is right, but you can control height easily by simple training.
1 gallon reservoir is too small.
spacing is not something that has a standard. many prefer crowding as many plants as possible, knowing they might not thrive as much,…but the quantity of plants compensates for that. others prefer to not crowd and allow more ventilation and light energy to help plant thrive. personally, i prefer the latter. but im sure you can find just as much support for the former.

here is pic of 4 white widow. these are day 28something of 12/12 lighting.
they are in 5gallon containers with soil. but you can get an idea of mature size.
i did “top” all 4 of those plants. reducing height slightly and producing more “tops”

here is link to my recent White Widow Journal

hope that helps.

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