White Widow indoor hydroponics, how many seeds should I order how long do they live?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I am going to make white widow indoor hydroponics my first grow how many seeds should I order how long do they live I guess is what I need to know and what is the absolute best odor control for that plant?’

As long as they are kept in a cool dark place like a dresser drawer they will last for years.

A properly sized ventilation system with a carbon filter is what everyone uses. There are many choices.


Based on my personal (very limited) experience I would probably drop 2 seeds and plan on growing just one or two plants. If I were starting over again I would order one of the seed variety packs. If I specifically wanted WW I would probably order 5 or 10 depending on my budget and just hold on to the other seeds for another grow.


IiRC 10 seeds is the better deal. That’s what I bought.


Its up to you how much weed you want lol :joy: and yes carbon filters are tge go for smells


Before speaking of odor control and plant viability, I think it is important to know which hydroponic system you will use and its capacity size! Which one is it then? Your tank capacity?

Growing White Widow is a good call since it’s a very robust strain, but it does smell in the flowering process. So, after you know the capacity of your system and which space you will dedicate for your grow, then the odor management can be considered!
Basically, regarding the space you have, you will have a minimum amount of power you will need to aclimate perfectly your room or closet, you will find easy computation sites en Google that will ask for your space measures and volume capacity. This will tell you the extractor size you’ll need.

Once you have it, you finally can think about “how do I get rid of the smell”, by putting a carbon filter adapted to your extractor. Many good brands exist with all price ranges, you’ll just have to select the best regarding the money you can spend on. Odor management is not only a question of product used, your configuration is also essential. Better put that system close to where the air is recycled out your room/closet.

Hope it has helped you!

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