White widow potassium deficiency or what?

Got some coming tomorrow so I’m in 5 gal fabric pots using two to one froggy soil to ocean forest and I have the dolomite lime powder and the down to earth oyster shell box how many tablespoons of each to topdress with to raise my ph from around ( 5.5 — 5.7 runoff trying to get up to 6 to 6.5

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That’s a tough question without knowing you soil mix, water source pH, and what you’ve been doing thus far. I’d give it 1/4 cup, to start, with those numbers. Work it into 3-4 handfuls of some EWC or compost. Then top dress that on a pot.

What’s you input pH of starting water?

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2 to one froggy soil to ocean forest with fox farm nutrient trio line. And ro water ph to 6.5 except last watering was 7.0 to raise oh but didn’t help much

I make sure it’s at. 300 ppm buffered with calmag since the ro water has nothing in it

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Would this work

1/4 cup of dolomite lime and 1/4 cup oyster shell flour ? Or 1/4 cup total (mixed)

I have EWC coming with the OSF

I also don’t use dolomitic lime, so hard fur me to direct you on its use. If you insist on its use, add a tsp to the OF you just picked up.

Edit: The OF will start responding quickly with that pH. The acidity will consume.

If you had DTE calcium96, I’d tell you to adjust ph up by adding that to water. If you wanna get to 6.5 range, from where your at, you’d water 7.7 range to fix

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I’m currently in the process of raising my soil PH.
Used DTE calcium 96 last night to raise my PH in a mix that’s reading between 4.8 and 5.0
This powder is water soluble
Mixed about 45 ml (3 tablespoons) into 1 gallon RO water and used 1 quart watered each into 2 recycled 7 gal pots that were around 5.8-6.0 before planting in them.
The soil mix I used the other 1/2 gallon and I’ll be headed down to check them here in a bit and will share what their PH changed to.
This changes PH pretty fast.
I also used this on 4 - 15 gal pots with plants already in them that had low PH near bottom of around 5.2-5.6


Adding to @Skydiver says…

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How far along are the plants?
If they are still in veg then you can simply transplant into fresh soil and problem solved and no worries about feeding for a month or so.

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They sprouted on dec 18 so today would be a little over a month and a half old


And yes there still in veg

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Sorry my freind, been a crazy few weeks around here for me :sweat_smile:
How are things looking now?
If you haven’t stabilized the soil, a transplant into fresh soil could be an easy fix if that’s an option. And hopefully going in at 6.5 from then on with the new soil will keep it in range.
Add a little bit of the lime to the fresh soil before planting in it and it be easier to mix it well. .

I know this is late but i had the opposite problem a month ago in my current grow with my run off being high ph. So i went 0.5 lower than my preference for 3 or 4 water/feeds and it slowly corrected. 19 days into flower now and im satisfied…first tent grow, 3 white widow photos in 2 gal pots.