Help to identify nutrient deficiency appreciated

I have 3 fem white widow that are outdoors; 2 are directly in rhe ground, 1 I have in a pot with Happy Frog potting soil for indoor or outdoor use. It is the one I am concerned about. The pH is a little under 7 and the fertility reads too little. I was thinking it was magnesium and zinc deficiency. Any help is appreciated.

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Flush with 5 gallons ro water of ph balanced water of 5.0

Ph is the entire most important to for growing anything. Please your ph should be lower like 6.4

Almost no discolor in the plant to tell tell sign it.

Ok, thanks for your help! I will do a flush tomorrow!

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I’m not sure what you’re seeing ? I really can’t tell by the picture, what are you asking please

As the plants get half way through flowering, yellowing is normal. If that is the issue you are having just keep a close eye on things to make sure your leaves aren’t dying off completely.It all looks really good. Keep it Up!


Here’s a better picture of leaf discoloration. Thanks for your help!

I suggest you check for mites

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