Help me diagnose this issue

Two White Widow clones. One in soil, one in hydro. Both with brown spots on leaves—both old growth and new. Plants are otherwise healthy and growing well. Ph is OK. Nutrients OK. All other plants in the grow not showing this deficiency.

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I think the girls look hungry. What is your ph and nutes? have you tested her runoff ppm?

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Top pic is the one in hydro. She’s showing a Ph of 5.97 and ppm of 851. Jack’s 3-2-1 Nutes. Bottom one is in coir, soil Ph is 6.1, haven’t measured runoff, but I’ve been generous with the nutes (FFGB & Cal Mag). As I said both plants are growing well and are otherwise healthy. Only my White Widow plants have this problem.

What lights? Cal mag with the FF? PH is a bit high for both but I’ve had good success at 6.0 in both media.


The one in hydro is under a Vivosun VS1000. The other is under a Spider Farmer SF4000. Plenty of light. Temp usually between 77-80.

Toss in some CalMag! :sunglasses:

Found a small insect on a leaf using my loupe (it was microscopic). Can’t identify it. Didn’t look like an aphid. Maybe a spider mite? First time dealing with pests. What’s the solution?

Aphids - mosquito bits.
Mites - Captain Jack’s Dead Bug