White Widow Leaves brown and yellow

This girl is about 2 and a half weeks old for my lights I was originally using a crapy $20 Amazon led panel but am now using two sunlike led bulbs i also got from Amazon the RH is around 58% and the temperature is usually 76 - 80 degrees im using the GH flora trio with calmag in coco I’ve been treating her with neem oil because I thought it may be pest and it might be idk this is my first grow so any help on why my girl is looking so sad would be greatly appreciated thanks. :slight_smile: (White widow autoflower from seedsmen)

What’s your PH in and out?
Ppm in/out?

I’ve been PHing at around 6.0 - 6.5 and I haven’t measured the ppm

You want to be at 5.8 for coco. How often are you feeding?

Everyother watering and I only water when the the top of the coco is dry so she probably gets fed 3 - 4 times a week

Take a read through this article . There is a lot of info here for coco growers

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