White Widow is a fast one!

I’m into my 5th grow, this time white widow. Harvested 1 out of 5 last week due to what appeared to be bud rot, upon trimming, not too bad. My 4 grows so far have been taking about 103 - 105 days start to harvest. So last night I was reading the description of White Widow on Kyle Cushmans site, and it says 45 - 50 days in flower! So I think I’m on day 46 of flower and the pistols are getting red, trichromes are foggy, smells great. Day 74 from start + I dryed a small bud that I’d trimmed off a week ago… Dang, stuff is top shelf! I’m excited about the 14 WW seeds I have left! Have you guy’s experienced this?

If you’re running photo its 9 weeks in flowering…i have 2 that are lining up with the 9 week mark and one girl that decided she wants to add on a few pounds so she taking longer

Here’s some bud pictures, 1 off each plant, at 74 days old, 46 days in flower, what do you think?

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no where close. Racy and maybe 30 - 40% potential weight. Are they autos or photos? Given total days I have to assume auto.
45-50 days in flower means transition from veg to flower needs to be added. One week at a minimum but usually closer to 14 days.
I have only grown WWA and all but one went 100 - 120 days. The one less than 100 was my first harvest and I was clueless.

Photos, 28days in veg with lights on 24/7, then 12/12 until finish.

wow only 28 days. is size an issue? What was transition tine from flip to flower stage (buttons forming)?

Roughly 10 days from flip to buttons, nearly doubled in size after flip. I’ve got 2 plants in my veg tent as well, a cherry Pie & a Blue Dream. They are 16 days old, noticeably growing daily, under 24/7 light. I’m planning on a longer veg cycle, then the flip, and see if 2 plants in my 5×5 tent will have enough space to yield more bud per plant. We’ll see. I’m learning something every grow. Great hobby for an old retired guy:-).

Gotta love genetics both at 42 days

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Hey guys, figured I’d weigh in with my White Widow experience. I have two growing outdoors, harvested the first one yesterday at day 134. Will do the other in a week or so when this one is dried (and I have the room in the wedryer xl)…


Nice haul!

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