First timer, unsure

are these girls close, been in flower stage 6 weeks. white widow.


Hard to tell from the pic, but I doubt it. Maybe a pic of the whole bud would help.

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White Widow auto (what I have been growing) usually takes about 8 weeks in flower.

Pic of the whole plant would help too. :+1:


Still see a lot of clear

Remember each pheno is different. I e had 2 finish at 107 days and I’ve had 1 finish in 83 days. That’s all
Projection. You won’t know until the finish out. The 107 day plants were in veg until like day 50 or something like that. It’s up to the autos what they do and when and how they do it. Like little toddlers. They do what they want

Thanks for the info

Glenn Fenley

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