White Widow Germination Problems

Hello everyone,

I am having some problems with germinating some White Widow autoflower seeds. Here are the details:

Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor - size of grow? 2-3 plants

Origin of seeds? ILGM - White Widow

Regular, feminized, or autoflower?

Origin of water. Municipal

Grow method? Soil I grow in raised beds and large containers however these seeds haven’t made it there yet.

What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night? Zone 7a

What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day / Night? ** Outdoor - Humid days, some humid nights **

How long have you been growing? This is my first with cannabis however I’ve been growing tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, herbs, and some fruit for many years.

I followed the instructions to hydro dip and waiting, etc and still have not had a seed successfully germinated seeds. There are non autoflower seeds that were given to me that are growing fine and I am a reasonably experienced horticulturist, having grown tomatoes and herbs for 15 years.

What was noteworthy was that it took 2 weeks for the seeds to germinate in the water. I’ve done this with 10 of the 20 seeds I ordered and each of them took a long time. Once a couple germinated, I put them into soil however I did not see anything sprout above the soil. It feels like these seeds are growing very very slowly.

I understand there is a guarantee for your seeds and I would like to ask what can be done here.

Thank you for your help.

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You want the temp for germination to be between 20-25 degrees Celsius or 68 -77f.
I use heat mat to keep temp constant.
I soak in shot glass for 24 hours in distilled water and some hydrogen peroxide.
Then place in moist tissues,not submerged in water.
Place in warm dark place and wait until you have a tail then pot into medium.


Thank you for the reply. I have tried both of those methods. First in water, then in a tissue. After some of the seeds didn’t germinate, I tried putting them straight into the dirt.

Nothing has worked. I suspect the batch of seeds that I received is bunk.

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I am not sure if it makes a difference, but what type of water are you using? And have you checked pH? I just mix a bit of peroxide in filtered water, fold up a paper towel, spray the paper towel until saturated and place seeds in a fold, place it in a sandwich bag. They usually pop over night. Keeping them warm helps, but not too much heat. Also they are very fragile at this point. Easy to crush the tail, so be very careful. Of course it could be a bad batch.

@scorchedearth try this method. 99.9% germ rate for me

  1. 3 parts water 1 part hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Allow seed to soak for 8 to 12 hours.
  3. A tuny taproot should emerge with 12 hours, if not, dont worry.
  4. Plant seed taproot up about 1/2 inch into premoistened soil.
  5. Place clear solo cup misted over where you planted the seed.
  6. Seed should pop soil with 24 to 48 hours.

Ive had seeds pop soil within 12 hours of being in soil. Get a seedling starter tray and place on a heat mat for seedlings. ( they dont get above 85 to 90 degrees)

I havent lost a seed in a while. When you seed pops soil, make sure to mist the cup 2 times a day. Dont worry about watering the soil until your first true set of leaves pop out. Cannabis isnt water needy and prefers a drier medium than wet. Also when you do get ready to water, water around the base of the solo cup. You want your roots searching for moisture. Bigger roots, bigger fruits! After about 2 weeks transfer the seedlings into their final home.

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Try a drinking shot glass with distilled or ro water and a cap full of peroxide mixed in that. If nothing after 2 days pull seeds out between fingers and give an ever so gentle squeeze til u hear a slight crack crunch sound could be tough shells on the seeds and a slight crack helps a lot. Leave the seeds float on the water if possible as they then get water and oxygen both. If the seed gets a crack and don’t pop them I’d wonder if it is a bad batch or seeds that sat in wrong environment and r no longer good. If ilgm seeds contact the seed place and let them know how many and what didn’t germinate and they will refund u money or give u more seeds in place of the bad ones. They r super good about that part. Hope u get i5 figured out and get some pla ts popping.

Betting it’s the municipal water!

What they said. I did distilled water with peroxide and I also got the 10 for 10 white widow deal on autos. I only did 3 seeds at first and all 3 had a tap root coming out within the first 14 hours in the water. I just put them in a warm dark place and checked on them and if they kept floating I made sure to see if they would sink. There’s some vids on YouTube on doing it with certain ways such as a moist paper towel in a bag or using like make up cotton pads tend to work very good as well in a bag also. Also try to use room temperature water.