White widow feminized

I had a couple of failures while I was growing my white widows in a tent I planted the April 6th and I harvested them the 15th of November. When I harvested them I left a decent size 12 in tallish and 5 to 7 stems maybe. They had small leaves and buds on them and I’ve had them outside for a little while I moved them back inside the tent today I want to try to reveg them and then put them back in flowering mode. I’ve never tried to do this before but everything looks good right now and in my mind seems like it should work. If you have any timeline or any kind of hints of how I should go about this I would appreciate it.

Blast them with 20hrs of light for a week or two till you start seeing new growth then go to 18/6 lighting

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Thank you. I’ll change back to grow bulbs this evening.

How long it was in flower will directly correlate to how long it takes to reveg. I have done MC clones from varying times in flower and some taken at 4wks. took 6 weeks to see new growth! Not saying it will take that long, but it will take a while!

They grew way too long somehow I accidentally turned my light timer off a couple of times for a couple of days so it stopped everything then it started back then it stopped again I wound up with long lanky plants and little bitty blueberry sized buds. Some of the made nice size colas. The pepper plants that I trimmed back that are in the same tent had leaves sprouting out within 30 hours. I bought some good fertilizer now for growth and we shall see how it goes. I appreciate your help.

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