Harvest White Widow

I have a beautiful White Widow about ready for harvest. Trichomes are all different. Some clear, some milky (cloudy ), and a few amber. I know people say depends on the affect your looking for, like an up high, or couch lock high. I’m just not sure if she’s ready or not. This is my 1st grow with the Widow so I’m really not sure . So if anyone with some experience with the Widow has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I have some beautiful photos of my widow but don’t know how to post them. I got my seeds from Robert and man are the top shelf. Best grow ever. Bought 10 seeds , got 8 plants from one seed. Cloning is the way to go. Still have 9 seeds left. Sorry I got off the topic but just had to give Robert a thumbs up


Hello Glazier,first I would like to Welcome you on behalf of everyone here at ILGM we
Will do our best to help you in anyway we can.

I have cloned WW for 5 generations but have grown WW for 7 yts
I always went 50% amber. If you haven’t flushed yet I would start now and another thing. Turn your lights off for 24 he’s and your buds will get fatter and with note train. Reallly they will

Hope this helps



Hi Garrigan, thanks for the response My friend. I am now starting the second week of final flush. Was thinking about harvest next weekend. I will do 2 days total darkness before harvest. I’m sorry but what do you mean about buds will get fatter with note train?

How’d those buds turn out?