White widow feminised and auto grow journal first time grower (quantum board)

Currently growing my first non bag seed im growing in a very small space but plan to do some extreme lst my tent size is 40x40x120cm i have a 4inch inline and a 6inch exhaust both roughly 240cfm i have a 6inch clip on fan inside and a hlg 135w dimmable version temps are 26-28 degrees celsius and 55-70% humidity and lights off are 22-4 degrees celsius and i have given them 2 feedings so far of just blood and bone meal npk i realise i burnt one a little bit but quickly fixed it i believe. here they are at 27days from seed
I plan to post atleast once or twice a week as i would like step by step help along my journey
Their both very short but are getting to their 4th and 5th nodes also highly recommend the quantum boards seen huge difference in one day! Loving the new light but couldnt go any bigger as the 135w heatsink is 340mm and my tent is 40x40cm

White widow feminised



White widow autoflower



My tiny setup


Refer to my other post if you curious what they were like before this any and all help along my way is much appreciated


Looking good set to watching. Good luck :v:t2:

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Looking good now. I’m not the most experienced grower but looks like you got some excess stretch when starting under cfl and now you’re looking good with the new light. The inadequate lighting and nute burn probably just set you back a little bit, they’ll take off again. Just keep an eye on your stem once they start to put on foliage weight.

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thanks @Amjk and @TagMickey yeah the new light is wonderful although i noticed the autoflower had a smell and now i see pistils so im gunna be lucky to get even a joint out of the autoflower

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I believe if you repot the auto it will reveg.

are you sure?

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I would lower the light and have your fan blowing at the underside of your light and if you can use a more blue spectrum light for early seeding/veg … I know they say you can use the 3500k for veg but if I had a choice I would only use 3500k for flower and 4000k-6500k for veg.

Blue spectrum keeps your internodes tight

Yeah i would of gotten the 3500k but they only had 3000k and 4000k so i figured i can still veg with 3000k and their at 25inches at the moment how close should i drop it? To 20or so or? @GreenCoat

Mever mind i rechecked and the light is sitting at 18inches and i have the 135w at about 65% current

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Also not sure how accurate it is if you repot it will reveg but repotted it anyway to a 2 gallon air pot

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There’s nothing wrong with your light. It just needed to be turned up or lowered a little.

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Yeah im taking it very slow it looks so far like i can turn it up even abit more they dont seem to be affected by the current its at now but will be doing in small increments

Yeah my autos started flowering at 4weeks that’s what’s bad about autos you mess up and sometimes that’s all you get hopefully you will have better luck with your photo and maybe it will take a long time to flower out. My Bubblegum auto is almost finished and my Jack Herer auto is probably 3-4weeks out and they went into flower almost at the same time Bubblegum at 4weeks from germination and Jack at almost 5 weeks. Don’t believe repotting will do anything being autos are on a time line some shorter than others. Anyways I’m high and rambling lol happy growing and good luck.

An auto will not reveg if you repot it. In fact an auto won’t reveg at all.

Update the auto has confirmed started flowering but when i repotted the auto i noticed for its size the roots were already starting to wrap so i transplanted the feminised last night both in 2gallon fabric pots now

Also can anyone confirm if my light is to intense on the feminised? It looks like slight canoeing at the edges

When the inter-node spacing is very short and leaves pile up the light may be too close. Indica dominant strains do tend to stay short and bushy though depending on the strain. 18-24 at full power is close enough. At a lower power you may try closer. QB’s are very efficient so when you turn down it still stays very bright. I also think that QB’s are SO bright they may stunt growth if they are too close.

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@WickedAle that is true although mine arent piling up i thought they might be burning because in the middle they look a little curled could just be new growth i have them on an 18-6 cycle and only about %60 power

for example Screenshot_2

where ive circled looks like slight curling

Your nodes are still close. What height do you have your light? Raising in any case would help.

yes they are and 18inches atm from them and i think i would like close nodes as my small space