White Widow CBD Auto Germination Issues

Hi there, Just bought the auto flower CBD mix. Germinated one of each seed in RO water for 48 to 72 hours until they sprung a tap root. The Critical mass CBD and CBD Kush tap roots were about 1cm and White Widow was just visible. Planted seeds in Canna Terra soil mix, two weeks later Critical Mass and CBD Kush are about 2 inches tall but White Widow has still no signs of sprouting. All seeds were planted 1cm deep and have been misting with spray bottle of RO water every 12 hours. Light schedule is 18 hours on 12 hours off with temperature around 27 degrees celsius and 50-60% humidity also placed plastic cup over seeds to increase humidity. Has anyone else had any issues germinating White Widow? And how much longer should I allow for germination. Cheers Simon.

Sometimes it takes as many as 5 days to come out, but they really don’t need that much water. Just moist, not saturated.

Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed it pops it head out soon.

Hi Simon1,
If 2 weeks have passed and still no germination. My guess, it is an unviable seed. Given the right conditions, following the ilgm instructions most viable seeds germinate well within 5 days (at the most) in my growing experience.
Good luck.

Hi Brandy,

Was thinking the same myself. Looks like it is going to be a dud. Was hoping that may have a longer germination time being a different strain. It is the 2nd White Widow I have tried with the same results. I will try a 3rd one and if it’s a dud may have to contact ilgm.

Thanks for the reply.