Plants not sprouting

Ok so had issue with all my seeds but one. Ilgm replaced the seeds I got them and put them in a cup of water til they germinated and I planted them in starter soil on the 14th in a vivosun heating seed starter germination kit with a dome and hps light on them for 18hrs on 6 hrs off. Still haven’t sprouted above soil. I watered when first planted and spray them when soil dry. An I doing something wrong? They are white widow auto flower seeds

I have cooked seeds under similar conditions.
I no longer use the heating mat and I only use a cfl bulb for light untill they are a week or so old.
Just my 2 cents


If I look at a couple seeds will it be obvious that they are cooked. This is just really frustrating last seeds didnt germinate ilgm replaced them. These ones germinated and now that I planted them nothing happening and I followed all the directions on temp and light and now turns out light too much!!

Probably not going to be able to tell by looking.
If you can place a thermometer in the seed tray and see what the temp is you might find if its a problem or not. I just germinate in my grow tent now. It stays between 70-80 day/night and that is good enough.
Im thinking its either the temps or fungal. If you are losing all the seeds its something common to all the seedlings.

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Seed really doesnt need much to sprout, room temperature or 72 Fahrenheit is all thats needed. You can accelerate germination a tad if you can get closer to 80, but really if you think about it, most people put a seed in a shot glass and place it in a cupboard for 24 hours or so and very often they sprout in the water. Thats room temperature or close to 72f.

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There’s also no need for light until after it has sprouted. At that point, a 23 watt 6500K CFL bulb is all she will need for the next 2 weeks.
Ideally, you would use an MH (Metal Halide) bulb during the vegetative stage and switch to the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb during the flowering stage. But if you only have the one bulb, it will still work.

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How long should it take for them to sprout?

From the first soak to damp toilet paper to seeds in soil should be around 1 week total. I’ve never had a bad seed and this is one thing that seems to happen more frequently with ILGM seeds. It seems like each week a member has problems with the seeds.

So here is what I do exactly. I place seed in filtered tap water for 18 hours. I then transfer the seed/seeds to damp toilet paper for 48 hours. In my bathroom so total darkness.

When I seed the tap root for n the seed, they get placed about 1/4” down in the soil. Then straight into my grow tent. No transplanting required. I’ve lost seedlings from say my glasses falling off my face and crushing the plant. But when it comes to germinating to harvesting the plants I have a 100% success rate. Long as I don’t drop something on my plants.

I don’t even rotate my buckets as this is one way I have lost seedlings.


I soak my seeds for 24 hours in complete darkness at 77-80°F.
Next, they go into a damp paper towel inside an opened Ziploc bag (this holds the moisture in).
I check them every 12 hours until the tail sticks out about a 1/2 inch, then move them to soil in a Solo or stryfoam cup in complete darkness, again at 77-80°F.
The plant usually sprouts in 12 hours, 24 at the most. Within another 12-24 hours it will be an inch tall, and then I put it under light.

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I use a small 5 or 10 watt led grow lamp and rapid rooter cubes.

  1. soak cubes let drain over night
  2. pace seed in rapid rooter
  3. place rooter in grow tray and cover with humidity dome
  4. place lamp 2 - 3 inches above dome leave on 24/7


my seeds break thru in 24 to 72 hrs I have only grown White Widow Auto so I know this method works with these seeds a few pics

3 days from sprouting

the finished bud

Have you contacted ILGM? They go above and beyond! I ended up in the hospital when sprouting my first grow. The girls died ILGM replaced all of the seeds.

WWA has become a family favorite. I gave my son an ounce for Christmas 5 mins after he says “DAMN THIS SHIT IS GOOD!” Keep at it your going to love it.


I am going to contact them I think next time wont use light until above soil. I literally followed what to do from the ilgm grow bible!

I just contacted them. It’s just really frustrating because I followed all the directions in the grow bible. And its 2nd time!!!

And based on all the responses I feel like too much heat and should germinate in water then papertowel until sprout 1/2 inch then plant so next time that’s what I will do with no light!!! And I not trying to do all the seeds at once again. I’m hoping ilgm will help I did just submit it to them . I’m just really frustrated and upset at this point and kicking myself for doing all the seeds at once and will not make the same mistake again. I am also wondering if the white widow auto flower is not the way to go for indoor grow?

I’ve had my share of bad luck with germination, but have also found that WW autos have been my most successful seed to date for inside grows. Stick with it, and let us help.

White Widow is very easy to grow, which is why ILGM includes it in its list of beginner strains.
A lot of people have issues with germination at first. It’s rarely a seed issue. It may just take a bit for you to establish a good routine - but that’s why we’re all here to help. Once you get the hang of it, you will likely have very close to 100% germination rates from then on.
Oh yeah, and another good lesson learned - don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sorry you had to learn that one the hard way.

the rooter cubes do all those steps in one shot, Seed soaks in the dark of the cube the low powered led light adds gentle warming